Pasco Schools is Temporarily Closing Stadium Bleachers at 2 Schools

Land O’ Lakes, FL – (October 9, 2019) – Pasco County Schools engaged a structural engineer to conduct safety inspections of seven high school concrete stadiums in recent weeks.  The inspection results at two of those schools require temporary closure of bleachers.  The Gulf High School home bleachers and Pasco High School visitors side bleachers will be closed for maintenance for the rest of football season, and likely through the end of the school year. 
The ADA bleachers and two 40-seat bleacher stands on the Gulf High School home side will remain open, and a temporary grandstand will be added for home team fans.  A total of 470 seats will be available for Gulf fans.  The visitors side bleachers will remain open for visiting team fans. 
“Some people have asked why we can’t wait until the end of football season, but my top priority is to protect the safety of students, parents and community members, so I made the decision not to delay closing the stands,” said Superintendent Kurt Browning.
The closure of the bleachers will not affect high school football, cross country, soccer, track and field, or middle school events held at the high school stadiums.  The closure of the Gulf High School bleachers will not impact homecoming events this Friday.  The field and track at both schools will remain open.
Pasco High School has a bigger stadium, so the home side bleachers will accommodate both home and visiting team fans. 

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