Patty Nguyen, EBARM

Simply put, our Blue Cross Representative Patty Nguyen is a wonderful human being. Ms. Nguyen patiently explained my benefits along with required co-pays. She informed me of a refund I was entitled to and she went out of her way to ensure I was seen by a surgeon as soon as possible. Ms. Nguyen also called this particular surgeon’s office and educated the office of the in network policies of Blue Cross / Blue Shield. Ms. Nguyen is an advocate for Pasco County employees and a true asset to her organization. Thank You Ms. Nguyen!

Laurie A. Dresser

Kaley McDowell, Recruiter

Thank you so much! I believe I completed all the necessary parts. Please let me know if there is something else I need to do. Thank you!

I really appreciate how attentive,  knowledgeable and helpful Kaley was in the virtual job fair. I spoke with 2 other participating employer groups and she was by far the kindest and most efficient!

Beth Simpson

William Ray, Distribution Materials Handler

Please Convey to William's (our transport driver today) supervisor how hard this man worked today through the rain. We had to unload a storage unit FULL of school supplies onto a pallet, he wrapped each pallet and then loaded onto truck and then.... played a great game of Tetris trying to top off the dead space of those pallets with additional boxes to make sure we could get all of the supplies in and avoid a second trip. He was genuinely a very nice man and a joy to work with. Want to make sure his boss becomes aware....

Debi Schackowsky

Marjorie's Hope

Marchman Team

Outstanding! I totally love it! Best brochure yet! 5 stars from me.

Thank you everyone for your input and collaboration with this project. We have been through several rounds of edits and I received excellent input from Ms. Keyser, Ms. Bourne and Ms. NystromDebbie Smith at the DO has done an outstanding job and the good news is we can update it every year, as we own it.

Kimberly Dunn, thank you for taking the lead!


Rob Aguis

Deana Harvey, Finance

Kudos to Deana Harvey in Finance.  Over the years she has been my go to person whenever I need assistance with property control issues.  Recently I was working on reconciling inventory at one of my sites and inundated her with requests.  She quickly replied to them and was a huge help to me.

Thanks Deana!

Stephan Brown

Justin Oney, Tech Services

From the 1st day he arrived on the job he’s been totally professional, caring, understanding and above all a team player!  My IP phone was damaged during a storm when we lost power at our location and the display on the phone would not work correctly.  This made my job of answering the phones very frustrating because I could not properly transfer calls within my department.  I mentioned this to Justin Oney when I first met him and he informed me that he would get it replaced right away.  Within a week, I received another phone that worked as it should and he also replaced the phone of my coworker who sits across from me that was having the same issue.  This may not seem like much to a lot of people but to me it showed that he really cared and quickly resolved the problem to our satisfaction.  I can now see who’s calling into the office and I can now properly transfer calls without the fear of pressing the wrong button since the screen on my previous phone was not visible and having the call dropped or misdirected.  It’s these little things like this that really make a difference in how we are able to do our job effectively using technology that is working properly.  Thank you Justin for going above and beyond to make my job less stressful and for taking the extra step to accommodate my coworker as well.


Carlos Angel

Holly Bates, Bus Driver

Thank you so much for taking care of us!  Holly was a pure delight and did all in her power to accommodate us in EVERY way!  I was disappointed that we didn't have more folks on the bus but it was a super day made better by Holly!! Thanks again!


Superintendent Browning

Thank you for another great school year. Just wanted to let you know that as a parent I appreciate all the time and hard work put in to educating our kids and as the school year is almost over i wanted to personally thank you for that.



Ken Bruno

A HUGE Shout out to Ken Bruno and his staff at Wiregrass Ranch High School for maintaining a gorgeous campus. It does not go unnoticed. The landscape continues to be stunning all year long.

Thank you,

Marlene Freiser

Nicole Westmoreland, Financial Services

I just wanted the Superintendent to know what an excellent employee Nicole Westmoreland is.  She works in the payroll dept. Nicole went outside her job description to help me answer a retirement question that no one else had been able to answer.  She took time to call me to better understand my question and the underlying problem, and then put in extra effort by reaching out to a FRS contact in Tallahassee who was able to answer my question and resolve the problem.  She did all this in a very kind and empathetic way.  

I wanted to return the favor by taking time to let the superintendent know how much I appreciate her service and value to Pasco County Schools.

Thank you,

Allison Bicknell

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