Brittany Christensen, Pasco High School

Good afternoon, 

I wanted to take the time to thank you for the positive impact you are making on my niece, Laci, this school year.  Last year, we met with Mr. Brady several times because Laci was truly struggling, as was most of the class, with her Algebra 1 class.  She is having to repeat that course online now.  

She talks fondly of your methods.  She likes that you give notes, shows the class how to apply the notes and then provides the students an opportunity to do their homework with you there to assist them before walking out of your classroom.

She has done well on her exams and she actually is confident in her work.  She states that all of the students feel more confident and they truly enjoy how you are teaching them and giving them the opportunity to learn the concepts that they totally misunderstood in previous math classes.  

From the bottom of her mother's and my heart, and Laci's,  we applaud and thank you!!! 


Stephanie Polk

Pasco High School Teachers and Staff

Hello Mrs. Kadlub,

I wanted to take a moment to tell you just how much my Husband, Chris and I enjoyed the recent Open House.  We are impressed with the teachers and curriculum both our daughters are being exposed to this year! 

You really do have some wonderful teachers on staff that go above and beyond.

Proud to be a part of the Pirate Nation!

Tracy Boltin

Student Services Crisis Team

Good evening, I wanted to reach out and share what an amazing experience Imagine had with your team – Wendy, Luis, Linda, Lynn, Sheri and an intern Maria.  Losing a teacher is the most difficult experience I have faced in my leadership and from the moment Wendy walked into my office and we shared, I knew the team had my back and our kids’ best interests at heart. 

Thank you so much for the work, compassion and sense of calm you bring to our campuses!  Though I pray we keep your work light, your team is appreciated!

Aimee M.Williams, Principal

Marian Callaghan, Transportation Services

I just wanted to thank you for your hard work in getting our ESD (Extended School Day) programs up and running.  Even through you were out sick today, you took the time to assure me that our buses would be here, and guess what…, they all arrived.  Your time, thoughtfulness, and dedication to excellence are unprecedented, and I am so blessed to have YOU as our “go to” person at transpo.  Thank you so much for your assistance. For the past three years  the earliest we have ever been able to start ESD is late October and YOU made it so KTech sets the trend for getting ESD going among all high schools.  Our students, families, and staff owe you a huge debt of gratitude.  Go #WestGarage!


Heather Horvath, EBARM

Good Morning,

I want to give the highest commendation of Heather Horvath!!!

She has been helping my wife and me since we completed processing in July. I cannot say enough great things about the dedication she has for staff. SHE GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND every single day, and she is so willing to give her time to us no matter the question. AMAZING!!

My wife and I are blown away at how WONDERFUL Heather is in the kind of person she is and in her dedication to her craft. 


Charles Portelli

Maria Cardo, RRHS English Teacher

Dear Dr. Zetzsche,

Please consider my English teacher Ms. Cardo for teacher of the year. She without a doubt deserves this award for everything she has done for all her students. She has taught me more about English in 1 year than all of my middle and high school years combined. She has taught me how to annotate a book, tons of SAT vocabulary, how to analyze while reading, how to write an essay, how to write in MLA format, symbolism, and so much more. When you don’t understand something in class she will go out of her way to explain it in a different way to make sure it connects with every student. She has also taught me life lessons, and tips beyond English like how to take notes, what to do for my job interview, how to handle stress, how to study for a test, or tips on how to take a test. I used things I learned in her class on my AP US history exam, and have improved so much in my academics since having her. She will ask us for feedback about her class, and then consider our opinions on how to make it better. She truly loves what she does, and you can see her face light up, or her get excited when talking about her favorite pieces of literature. She is crazy smart, and I could only dream to be that smart one day. She pushes all of her students because expects a lot from them, but at the end of the day she doesn’t push past limits. The thing that makes her stand out to me, is that she truly cares about all her students well beings. Weather I just look tired, or am actually having a hard time outside of school, she is always asking if I’m ok or if I need to talk. I like to think of her as my teacher, at school mom, and therapist all in one. I always come to her to vent, cry, or talk because she gives the best life advise. She has helped me deal with some hardships in my life, and I have no Idea what am I gonna do without her when I graduate. I can’t even count the amount of times she has said, "don’t stress its going to be ok”. In addition, she not only does this for me, but every student who has walked into her class. She is so sympathetic to every persons situation, and always keeps you in mind. As a student knowing a teacher cares for you helps make this journey easier. On top of all of this she is the funniest, and most quotable person around. Her positivity and joy everyday is infectious. I have so much resect for her, and she is a role model to me. I can go on forever, and have much more to say but, I hope I have already convinced you enough. In my eyes teacher of the year is an award she has earned, and I can only hope you see that too. Thank you for listening!


Megan C.

Nikki Fry, Zephyrhills High School

I’m writing today to celebrate two outstanding individuals. Last night at ZHS one of our community members had a medical episode in the stands right before our Girls Varsity Volleyball game.

Our Athletic Trainer Nikki Fry was amazing. She assisted the community member, provided aid while we called 911, and monitored her vital signs. 

A 9th grade ZHS student assisted me in directing Fire Rescue and keeping everyone calm and focused. 

Pasco Fire Rescue and the Zephyrhills Battalion Chief responded quickly. The community member regained stability and did not require transport. 

I am so proud to work with and grateful for our Trainer Nikki Fry!  She is a fantastic role model for our students and an excellent support in times of need. 

I am so proud of our student too!  She willingly assisted with anything I asked her to do and even got more folks to help during the situation. 

Christina Stanley

Maryann Wallack and Katie Kern, Transportation Services

Our Relief Drivers Maryann Wallack and Bus Assistant Katie Kern with their student Ian. Ian was having a difficult time riding the bus and as soon as Maryann came along everything changed. He loved seeing her smile everyday and she made him feel safe and loved. Katie is the cherry on top as her and Ian have so much fun on their bus ride everyday coloring and drawing pictures for the office staff.

Maryann reached out to her coworkers for help finding memorabilia from the movie Cars as that is Ian's favorite movie. With the help of Debbie Parker, Central Bus Driver they collected 10-15 books, a clock, several toy trucks and cars and a hat.

We are so proud of our driver and assistant who work everyday to make their students feel like they matter!

Best Regards,

Bonnie Rudge

Maintenance Services Team

Kim and Betsy, we wanted to send an email with our gratitude to the Maintenance staff from district.  They worked diligently to find the issue in our air conditioning unit and even through the constant barriers they never gave up ��.  They continue to work on the area that had to be torn up, in order to make our school look beautiful again, for our families and staff.  We are very appreciative of their hard work, dedication and commitment to our schools.    

Happy Friday ��.

Sharon Sacco Slusser

Various Departments, Pasco County Schools

Dear Mr. Browning,

With a school as large as Wiregrass, it is sometimes difficult to remember all of the extras that go into running a school. Our focus is usually on the students and academics, but I would like to thank the following  departments that have come to our rescue these past two weeks and have kept things running for us so that we could put our focus on the students. Without their help we would have not been able to run the school.

  • A/C dept. 
  • Electric dept.
  • Electronics dept.
  • Plumbing dept. 
  • Carpenter dept.
  • Cabinet dept.
  • Painting dept.
  • Roofing dept.
  • Fencing/flooring/welding dept.
  • Telecom dept.

I appreciate that Pasco County Schools has a team that works hard to keep the building safe for our students.


Robyn White

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