Cypress Creek Middle/High School Staff

Dear Coyote Staff,

My name is Jerry Payne and I’m a proud parent of 2 of your Coyote students and have been since the first days Cypress Creek opened 2 years ago and I must say WOW how this year is starting off even better than the last two.

Now that both of our children have moved up to the high school level, it has been amazing to watch them grow and develop into the students they are today. What a great job this staff has done working with not only our children but other students at this brand new school, with a lot of children leaving other friends, teachers, coaches and most of all mentors behind, while making new friends and building new relationships. I’m so impressed by the amount of energy and caring that goes into helping raise our children and groom them for the next level of “life” while navigating thru this difficult time and transition. Both our children are active in extracurricular activities and have begun to develop a sense of pride while embracing what it takes to be a Coyote. From fun Friday night tailgates and football games to informative meetings regarding future college endeavors, this has been a wonderful experience for our family so far this year and we’re looking forward to the future of our Coyotes.  

As a parent volunteer myself, I have enjoyed the opportunities to get in there and help build the foundation and reputation for this incredible school and see the leaders that make it happen on a daily basis. My hats off to Mrs. Carin Hetzler-Nettles for taking on this challenge and improving year over year, raising the bar for these students, teachers & parents. Thank You!


Jerry W. Payne Jr.

Anthony Quinn, Bus Driver

Hi Deanna:

LES held Open House last night, and a parent came to me about Mr. Quinn, the driver of bus D450. As you know, this bus was involved in an accident on Monday. The parent was on scene, as her child, along with others, was loading the stopped bus when the crash occurred. According to the parent, Mr. Quinn acted quickly to protect the children on his bus. One child had just entered the bus and was standing in the aisle just before impact, and Mr. Quinn quickly moved her into a seat and out of harm’s way. The parent was very thankful and complimentary of Mr. Quinn’s quick thinking and actions.

I just wanted to share that with you.

Thank you!

Sherri Dunham

Kimberlie Glogowski, HREQ

Good Afternoon, 

I wanted to write to you all to commend Mrs. Kimberlie Glogowski in your department. I have been reaching out to her since I completed processing. She goes above and beyond in ALL that she does. 

On a personal note, Kimberlie has greatly helped me get acclimated to our wonderful district. She has given me some tips on how to do things and where to find information. In a nutshell, she TRULY cares, and that has really helped both my wife and me as newbies. ❤️��

Charles Portelli

Kristen Goodman, HREQ

I have to give a Kudos to Kristen Goodman in HR-Background Screening, Badges & Fingerprinting. Knowing how super busy this department is, any time I email Kristen for information, I always get a nice and friendly email the same day.

Thank you for taking the extra time to answer my questions. You ROCK!!!!!

Wanda Cook

Maryann Brini, Bus Driver


I am writing this morning in an effort to make your organization aware of the exceptional nature of an individual (Maryann Brini) working as a bus route driver within the Wesley Chapel (Seven Oaks) for the previous school year (2018-2019). Over the past school year, my daughter has reported various acts of kindness and generosity displayed by this driver that are unprecedented and, I feel, deserving of recognition. 

She has noted that the driver was invariably polite and would even express appreciation for the (often undeserving) students that were on her route. Her positive attitude and kindness did have an impact and were noted by my daughter and many of the other students as well, regardless of whether or not this has been reported. Please feel free to use this feedback to acknowledge this individual for her remarkable efforts and exemplary performance. 

Sincerely, Angelica Busch (Parent)


Good morning Dr. Ilse and Ms. Cobbe,

I just wanted to take a moment to reach out to tell you what a phenomenal school Wendell Krinn has been and continues to be.  My daughter was accepted the first year it opened for BioMed and this year she is a senior.  She was becoming unmotivated at Mitchell High School with no real plans of a future.  Then her first year at Ktech was awesome.  Ms. Zajd was an amazing Biomed teacher last year and this year she has Ms. Kumar and she is equally amazing.  Ms. Kumar goes above and beyond and keeps us up to date with an actual newsletter explaining what they are learning in class and includes photos.    The school is very informative and keeps us up to date on everything.  Dr. Dunning is an amazing principal and always active in all the school activities and so welcoming to everyone. I just cannot say enough GREAT things about all of the staff here and how much my daughter loves it.

Mandi Towle

Hope Moore, Gulf Middle School

Good evening,

I wanted to take a moment to mention that our GMS Coach, Hope Moore, is awesome! She helped me out a ton last year while I was out battling cancer. This year, I’ve been back to full health (thank God) and I’ve been able to get fully back to business and try to be more creative and fun in the classroom. Hope has been a very valuable team player in this regard and is always willing to plan lessons with us. She has even come in twice already and taught lessons in our DLA class. In case you aren’t familiar with that class (as it’s not at every school), it is a Language Arts class full of all ESOL students with varying levels of proficiency. It is not an easy class to teach and not an easy one to walk into if it’s not part of your regular day. Mrs. Moore has shown her knowledge and expertise as she’s come in and done cool activities that have engaged learners of all backgrounds and levels. We truly appreciate her at GMS!


Joel Santos Gonzalez

Gulf Middle School

Cpl. Elders, SRO

Cpl. Elders identified a student who was having anxiety issues and recently learned he was interested in the weather. During the recent hurricane they monitored and discussed the storm. The student was a fan of Denis Phillips of ABC Action News. With the assistance of the PSO PIO Cpl. Elders was able to have Denis Phillips create a video for the student. The student was excited to learn the video was addressed to him. I commend Cpl. Elders for taking the time to build a relationship with this student and work to have this video created.

Nicholas Maggio

Brian Sawyer, CTE

Hello, Mr. Browning.

I’m writing today to let you know that Brian Sawyer has gone above and beyond for the students at ZHS.

We are working with Embry Riddle University to secure an instructor for our Aerospace classes. While this has been happening, Mr. Sawyer has helped with leading direct instruction in the classes in addition to his CTE duties.

Thank you, Brian, for making sure our students have access to high-quality curriculum and instruction!

Christina Stanley

Jeanette Gungle, Bus Driver


My daughter Emma is in Kindergarten at Centennial  Elementary. She ride D-468 and  Ms. Jeanette is her bus driver. Today was early release for Emma’s school and Emma had told Ms. Jeanette that a person in a blue car was picking her up today from the bus stop  and taking her to McDonald’s ( The person she was talking about was her Grandpa ) but Emma was being silly and failed to tell Ms. Jeanette that. Ms. Jeanette was concerned and actually tried to call someone to make sure Emma was ok to get off the bus .  This speak Volumes for her as driver and a person.. The fact that she  cared enough to make sure  Emma was going to be ok. Thank God this wasn’t a true situation where we didn’t know the person who was planning on picking her  up.  As mother I feel so much more at ease knowing that our school system has people like Ms. Jeanette working and cares for our children like she does.


Melissa Robertson

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