Rhonda M. Hanley, Employee Relations

You can count on Rhonda M. Hanley who gets work done and does her fair share to work hard and meet commitments in processing employee verifications and employee inquires. She follows through on assignments. She responds to requests for assistance and takes the initiative to offer help. In addition, she shows understanding and the appropriate support of other team members to help get the job done. She never places conditions on when she’ll help, when she’ll choose to listen, and when she’ll share information.  As a good team player, she also has a sense of humor and knows how to have fun. Quite simply, it is a joy to work with Rhonda.

Trinity Elementary School Administration

Dear Dr. Scanga and Ms. Poe, 

I would like to take a moment to recognize Mr. Wolin and Mrs. Middleton. As an administrative team, they are the absolute best.  Together they lead the school with a student-centered approach. Adam and Shannon are consistently leveraging high-quality programs, approaches, and systems to grow students. Furthermore, they are continuously looking at how to improve and refine current systems to keep students at Trinity Elementary on-track to be 21st-century learners.  

With their staff, Adam and Shannon are dedicated. They take the time to show staff their appreciation. They have an open-door policy that the teachers deeply appreciate. They communicate seamlessly so the staff knows that they work together as a team to handle the school’s needs.  

Lastly, what makes this pair phenomenal is how deeply they care. Adam and Shannon take their job to heart and it shows. We are so fortunate to have them as educational leaders! 


Kelly Stanton

My Student Help Desk

We would like to give a big THANK YOU to all the ladies at the My Student Help Desk for all their assistance not only during FTE but throughout the year.

Specially Doreen Reed for her tremendous patience, understanding and knowledge. She graciously  answered  numerous phone calls with questions from us.

We really appreciate all of you!

Lorna Morales & Tina Jones

William Luckett, WCHS

Mr. McDermott,

I had the pleasure of working with William Luckett (band director) and the Wesley Chapel High School band this weekend at the Zephyrhills Veterans Day parade and to say I was impressed does not do it justice, this group of young men and women showed great respect to our community and to the parade. No matter what was asked of them they did so with a smile and gracious acceptance.  There were many compliments given to us in regards to your band and so many were pleased to see other bands from rival schools be willing to show up for this parade. This speaks volume for you and your organization.  You should be very proud of them and how they represented your school.  We look forward to hosting them again next year in the Veterans Day parade.


Charla VandeBerg

San Antonio Elementary School Staff

Hi Kim and Donna,

I just got off the phone with a parent named Stacy Stambaugh.  She wanted to share how wonderful her daughter’s teacher, Ms. Gulledge is.  Ms. Gulledge treats all her students like they are her own; she is amazing! Her daughter is blooming in her class.  Ms. Stambaugh also said how Kim Anderson and Donna College have gone above and beyond, meeting with her and making her feel very welcome.  This family transferred from WES when their daughter was accepted into the Cambridge program and was also able to school choice her 5th grade son to SAES.  Mom is so grateful that her children are able to attend such a kind and caring school.  ��

You guys are the best!! 


Maja Stearns, Human Resources


I wanted to give my feedback regarding Ms. Maja Stearns.

She has been exceptionally phenomenal. She has always answered my questions with the utmost respect and patience. There has never been a time, where she stalled, or delayed. My emails to her were answered with diligence, care and prompt, no matter how many times I emailed her. She showed me and proved to me she really cares.

Ms. Stearns is very knowledgeable, extremely kind and wonderful with a respectful tone in all my interactions with her verbally on the phone or via-email...

She is willing to go up and beyond to help me in whatever questions I need answered, even if I was still lost or confused, she makes sure I comprehend it, whatever she emailed me literature on the information I requested. Indeed she is a "keeper".

We need people like Ms. Maja, & MORE people like her. She is always ready to go that extra mile to give me an accurate answer in what I am asking or requesting.. I cannot stress enough what a wonderful individual Ms. Maja Stearns is.

I wish her nothing but success in whatever she strives in doing.


Bus W159 Team

Today I received a phone call from the parent of a PK student. She wanted to let us know what a great job Marilyn McBride and Dalys Elassar were doing transporting a student to MPLES. She said she could put him on the bus without any worries. She could tell that the driver and assistant had their whole heart in their jobs. It is a big weight off her mind knowing he is in caring hands, especially with a student that has a hard time communicating.

Maureen James

Transportation Central Team

Good afternoon ladies,

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for the amazingly warm welcome yesterday. I witnessed  how tremendously hard you all work and often you do not get the well deserved positive praise or recognition, especially from complaining parents all day. 

Robin, Thanks for notifying  & coordinating your drivers availability allowing us to conduct our site visits and get the valuable, real-time data that we needed.  I also really appreciated you letting me crash in your office to get some work done.

Shannon, I thank you tremendously for sitting with me through your lunch and helping me solve those difficult bus planner & routing errors. Central Compound is awesome!  You have been nothing but professional, courteous & helpful every time I reach out.   I am thrilled to have you as my compound while I learn the ropes. 

THANK AGAIN! Have a wonderful week.

Christina Cristofaro

Danielle White, River Ridge Middle School

Dear Ms. Hetzler-Nettles,

I would like to take this opportunity to let you know of an outstanding administrator at River Ridge Middle School.  Ms. Danielle White continues to promote a vison of academic success for all students based on high standards.  She is diligent in making sure that my step son has a plan for success and that all of his supports are met daily.  Ms. White is prompt in responding back to any of my concerns and certainly creates an optimal learning environment so that every student feels safe and loved. 


Maureen Jett


I just wanted to take a brief moment to let you know how helpful your team in employee benefits has been for myself and my staff.

I know their work organizing the benefits for almost 10,000 employees is a massive undertaking. And yet, their customer service and friendly support has been nothing short of exceptional. I would like to especially thank Jessica Rusha for her amazing customer service.

With appreciation for your amazing team!


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