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McKay Scholarship

McKay Communication: 

The Florida Departent of Education requires school districts to inform parents of the John M. McKay Scholarship that is available to all students that have an Individualized Educaton Plan (IEP) or Section 504 Accommodation Plan. This information must be provided by April 1st of each school year. A link to this information has been provided:

McKay Scholarship Program Letter: EnglishSpanishCreole


The McKay Scholarships for Students with Disabilities Program, originally created in 1999, provides scholarships for eligible students with disabilities. If your child meets all Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) McKay eligibility criteria, you may request enrollment in another public school or may seek acceptance to a participating private school.

  • The child must have an Individual Education Plan or a 504 Plan (not to include a temporary 504 plan of less than 6 months).
  • The child must have been in attendance at a Florida public school and met Florida public school attendance requirements for the preceding school year.
  • You must access www.floridaschoolchoice.org and file intent to participate with the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE).
  • Upon receiving an approval of eligibility from the state, a School Choice Application must be completed by the parent/guardian with “reasonable notice” of no less than 30 days to participate in the public school choice option. To apply for the public school option in Pasco County, email your McKay School Choice application request to pascopathways@pasco.k12.fl.us.

Deadlines to receive 100% of the scholarship amount, click here and scroll to Scholarship Payments. To file an intent for McKay Scholarship Intent, click here. 

Do I need to file a McKay Intent each school year?

A. McKay Public School Option:

  • If your child is currently on McKay Public School Choice, you will need to file a new Intent with the state when your child is changing schools through the normal articulation process (grade 5 to 6, grade 8 to 9) if you intend to request choice to a school other than the zoned school for your current residential address. A new School Choice Application filed with Pasco County Schools is also a requirement when your child is changing levels, as described above, to attend a school other than the zoned schoor for your current address. Approval for McKay Public School Choice is based on an McKay eligibility status. If your address changes, you must file a new School Choice Application and the new address must be on the district database. Approval for a public school choice will be based on school capacity, McKay eligibility status and considerations regarding the availability of servies related to the student's 504 Plan or IEP. 
  • Email your McKay School Choice application request to pascopathways@pasco.k12.fl.us.


  • The parent/guardian is responsible for the transportation of a student approved to attend a school of choice.

B. McKay Private School Option:

If a student is already enrolled in the McKay Scholarship Program and attending a participating private school, then a new intent is not necessary. At the end of each school year the private school must re-enroll your child for the coming year. In order to be eligible for the first payment, review the deadlines to receive 100% of the McKay Scholarship payment by clicking here and then scrolling down to Scholarhsip Payments.


The parent/guardian is responsible for the transportation of a student approved to attend a private school of choice. For additional information regarding transportation options provided by the private school of your choice, contact the private school.

Charter Schools:

Contact the Charter School of choice to gain information on Charter School enrollment process. 

School Choice Determinations:

While the school district makes every effort to accommodate school choice requests, many of the schools are critically overcrowded (at or above 90% capacity). We monitor our schools for both school-wide and class size capacity. The availability of some schools may change during the school year without notice. The capacity/frozen list is posted here

Out of District students:

Out of District students may not displace Pasco County residents.

If you have additional questions about the McKay Scholarship Program, contact the FLDOE to review Parent Information and Frequently Asked Questions by clicking here, by calling FLDOE at 1-800-447-1636, or contact the district office at k12scholarshipprograms@pasco.k12.fl.us.

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