Centers for Gifted Studies (CGS)

Formerly referred to as self-contained, gifted services are provided to students (grades 3-8 only) within a classroom setting that has been designated as a gifted class. This environment is made up exclusively of gifted eligible students and facilitated by a teacher of gifted in elementary school or at least 3 gifted endorsed, core content teachers in middle school. If found eligible for gifted services, the EP team may choose to have the child attend their designated program and transportation will be provided. CGS is offered at these select elementary and middle schools: Deer Park Elementary School, Mittye P. Locke Elementary School, Oakstead Elementary School, Wesley Chapel Elementary School, Chasco Middle School, Charles S. Rushe Middle School, Seven Springs Middle School, and Thomas E. Weightman Middle School.

Other Pasco County Gifted Services

  • Consult (monthly classes at elementary schools and high schools as needed) A certified gifted teacher meets regularly with teachers to plan, implement, and monitor instructional alternatives designed to ensure that the student who is gifted achieves successful accomplishment of their gifted goals.
  • Inclusion (select elementary and middle schools) The teacher of gifted provides gifted services to the student within the education classroom. The classroom is comprised of both gifted and high achieving learners.

How can my student receive Gifted Services?

To identify what service model your student’s school offers, reference the Gifted Services by School document. If your student is interested in attending their zoned Center for Gifted Studies, please refer to the gifted boundary map. Zoned elementary and middle school CGS schools are determined based off of a student’s zoned middle school. Students can indicate their interest in attending their zoned CGS through the Pasco Pathways school choice application process or through articulation in the Spring for 2nd and 5th grade students.

How will my student get to their zoned Center for Gifted Studies?

For students who choose to attend their zoned CGS, the transportation model will be hub transportation. Hub stops will be located at district school sites, which will be determined after reviewing student enrollment. Parents are responsible for providing transportation to and from the designated hubs or for transporting students directly to the zoned CGS.


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Deer Park Elementary School (CGS)

Mittye P. Locke Elementary School (CGS)

Oakstead Elementary School (CGS)

Wesley Chapel Elementary School (CGS)

Select Elementary Schools (Consult Services)

Select Elementary Schools (Inclusion Services)


Chasco Middle School (CGS)

Charles S. Rushe Middle School (CGS)

Seven Springs Middle School (CGS)

Thomas E. Weightman Middle School (CGS)

Select Middle Schools (Inclusion Services)


All High Schools (Consult Services)