Career and Technical Education
How to apply for the BCE Student Program

Welcome to the BCE Student Program!

Things you need to know before you apply:

1. This is a paid part time job with the Pasco County School District for currently enrolled high school Sophomores or Juniors.

2. The hours of a BCE Student vary at each school due to varing school schedules. Please consult with your worksite to determine your work hours.

How to apply to become a BCE Student:

1. Complete the BCE Student application:

2. Email the worksite/school(s) of your choice of your interest in applying for a BCE Student position for the 2020/2021 school year. Your message should include that you have completed the district BCE Student application and include a copy of your resume! (list of all schools in Pasco County School District)

The workplace/school will call you directly to set up an interview.

3. Once you are hired as a BCE Student, the following requirements must be met:

  • At least 1 BCE/OJT placeholder must be on your schedule
  • Business course requirement. Must be currently taking or have already taken one of the following business courses:
    • Digital Information Technology – Course # 8207310
    • Accounting Applications – Course# 8203310
    • Business Entrepreneurship – Course # 8215120
    • Microcomputer Applications – Course # PHSC CGS 1100

To sign up for BCE/OJT and/or Business Course:

1. If your home school offers the business course and/or the BCE/OJT course – see your school counselor to add to your schedule.

Remember, you are required to have 1 BCE/OJT placeholder on your schedule. You have the option to have more, just remember the following:

  • 1 BCE/OJT Placeholder = 5 hours worked weekly
  • 2 BCE/OJT Placeholder = 10 hours worked weekly


1. Register with Pasco eSchool – to register for this class, click here!

Thank you for your interest in the BCE Student program and good luck!