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Pre-AP World History & Geography (#2109415Z)

8th grade
Course Length:
Promotion Requirement:

Yes - this course will meet one of the three required Social Studies credits for middle school promotion, and will also earn honors credit for the high school World History course.


District developed final assessment.

Placement Consideration:

Student willingness to participate in an enriched and rigorous course at the middle school level.


M/J Civics or M/J Civics Advanced

M/J US History or M/J US History Advanced

Next Course in Progression:
AP Human Geography; AP World History; US History; or US History Honors
Other Information:
Approved Resources:

College Board Pre-AP Curriculum

Course Description:

Focusing on concepts and skills with maximum value for high school, college, careers, and civic life, Pre-AP World History and Geography is built around three enduring ideas:

  1. History is an interrelated story of the world.
    This course explores the structures and forces that reflect and shape the regions, communities, governments, economies, and cultures of humanity—helping students develop an organized, meaningful understanding of time and space.
  2. History and geography are inherently dynamic.
    As historians and geographers uncover new evidence, current assumptions are challenged, and previous arguments gain nuance and context. This course teaches students how to examine sources and data, establish inferences, and ultimately build and critique arguments.
  3. Historians and geographers are investigators.
    Pre-AP World History and Geography is designed as a disciplinary apprenticeship in which students learn through the process of discovery by applying the tools of historians and geographers.
  • Pathway 2 focuses on developments in world history from c. 1450 CE through the present.

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