Pasco eSchool

What is eSchool?

Our Pasco eSchool is available to all students in grades K-12. For students in grades K-5, Pasco eSchool offers free enrollment in a full-year program that features innovative curricula rooted in the best traditions of education. Students receive instruction from highly qualified teachers who use the latest technology in online learning. Students from 6th through 12th grades may choose to enroll in either part- or full-time instruction. Because we believe in the success of all students, any public school, private school, charter school, or home education student located in Pasco County is eligible to apply.

Full-Time Students 6-12

All full-time 6-12 grade students enrolled in Pasco eSchool are expected to carry the full six course load as required. Exceptions to this policy are made in accordance with the District School Board of Pasco County’s Student Progression Plan.

Co-Enrolled (Part-Time) Students 6-12

This program allows students to attend public school for part of the day and take their remaining coursework online. The online course-work should follow the district’s Student Progression Plan and fulfill the requirements of the courses missed at school by leaving early for employment or family needs opportunities. Co-enrolled students earn a regular diploma from their zoned school and are permitted to participate in school sponsored activities, clubs, and sports, just as any other student attending the school. Students may participate in this program by taking any portion of their course-work online and at school. Students may also take additional courses outside of their traditional six period day with Pasco eSchool.  Students will be required to take the FCAT at their zoned school.

Part-time students can enroll in our courses at any time and can complete each semester of coursework in an eighteen week window starting from the date of their enrollment. To register for an eSchool course go to the registration page

Honors Credit

Most high school courses can be taken for honors credit. During the registration process, you will be able to select the regular or honors version of the desired course, if it is available.


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Pasco eSchool


Pasco eSchool


Pasco eSchool