Blended Learning - Infinity and SOAR Academies

What is blended learning?

The Infinity and SOAR Academies are blended learning environments based on character, leadership, rigorous curriculum, and college readiness. The classroom combines online learning and teacher-led lessons, with students working at their own pace. Blended learning is designed to enhance student engagement and learning and will utilize the Pasco e-School curriculum. This online learning model engages students who are technologically savvy and makes learning accessible anywhere and anytime. Teachers customize the students’ learning program to fit their individual needs. Advanced coursework and enrichment activities are available for each course.

Students selected for this class will use digital curriculum while being supported by highly qualified teachers in the classroom with traditional live lessons, labs, and hands-on projects. Students take language arts, math, social studies, science, and two electives. Each student is assigned technology, which they are free to take home to continue their work once insured.

Students will follow a pacing guide and meet individually with teachers weekly to discuss progress. The ideal candidate is motivated, independent, and ready to learn!

How can I become part of these academies?

Students who live within the attendance boundary of a school with an Infinity Academy or SOAR Academy have the opportunity to be a part of the program. Middle school students who are interested in these programs at their zoned school should contact the school’s administration for information on enrollment. Students who live outside of the zone may apply through the Pasco Pathways School Choice application. Applicants from out of zone will be reviewed for a 2.0 GPA for any middle school courses taken as well as any required prerequisites for the grade level for which they are applying. All students that meet eligibility criteria are to be sent for the lottery, even if this number exceeds the total number of available seats. Preferences established in the Controlled Open Enrollment Plan will be followed when the number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of seats open. Students residing in district will be given preference, followed by students outside the district. Applicants are randomized and seats are filled by the number of open opportunities designated during the seat setting process. Students not placed during the lottery process will be placed on a randomized waitlist


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Charles S. Rushe Middle School (SOAR)

Paul R. Smith Middle School (Infinity)

R.B. Stewart Middle School (Infinity)