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Countless Possibilities, Limitless Potential

Wendell Krinn Technical High School provides a state-of-the-art education that will change the way you learn, building a foundation that will prepare you to excel in college or an exciting career.


Teaching Success

Because not all students share the same interests and goals, Wendell Krinn Technical High School offers both industry certifications and an education that prepares students for an AA or AS degree program upon completion of a corresponding four-year, career-ready pathway.

Real Learning. Real Life.

Students will have 14 college and career-ready pathways to choose from:


This program features classroom and shop instruction in the basic principles of residential and commercial air conditioning and refrigeration systems. Students will develop the basic knowledge and skills for entry level employment as installers or mechanics in the air conditioning, refrigeration and heating industry. Both classroom and laboratory work will be necessary for completion of the program.
This program teaches students the foundational skills necessary to excel in various areas of cybersecurity, including computer and network security, security vulnerabilities, attack mechanisms and techniques, and intrusion detection and prevention. Specialized courses focus on database security, planning and analysis, software, and web security.
This program prepares students for employment in the auto body repair trade. Shop experience includes repair cost estimation, removal and replacement of auto body parts, preparation and painting of vehicles using base coat and clear coat systems, frame and body straightening and repair. Instruction includes theory, laboratory, and classroom work as each relates to all phases of the auto body repair field.
This program prepares students for employment in the automotive industry. The program will include instruction in operation, diagnosis, repair, parts and service look-up, invoice completion, and basic maintenance principles and procedures for the modern automobile.
This program equips students with broad, transferable skills, knowledge, and behaviors that lead to initial employment or post-secondary training in the health occupations field. Participating students receive industry certifications, and participate in clinical training opportunities.
This program is designed to teach students the skills and knowledge for employment in the vast field of commercial art. Many commercial artists are employed by the advertising and publishing industries. Organizations, including retail stores, computer graphic departments, and government agencies also employ commercial artists for in-house advertising and related activities. To excel in this field, students will learn the crucial concepts of designing marketing material, such as advertisements, logos, billboards, brochures, book covers, and product packaging.
This program prepares students for employment in the culinary arts industry. Students receive instruction on a broad range of culinary theory and practical experiences. Training includes education in sanitation, food service production, nutrition, cost control, and dining room management. Students also will receive hands-on lessons in stocks and sauces, knife skills, meat cutting, baking, and pastry, while developing professionalism and proficiency in the culinary arts field.
This program provides innovative teaching and learning in a technology-enriched environment. Students will learn industry-validated technology skills through an academically challenging curriculum that encompasses the study, design, development, implementation, support, and management of computer-based information systems.
This program teaches students the technical knowledge and skills necessary to qualify for the Florida Board of Cosmetology License Exam. Instruction includes a combination of class theory and practical experiences through practice with lifelike mannequins. Students will use professional brushes, irons, air formers, and scissors, and learn the arts of styling, cutting, coloring, cosmetics, manicures and pedicures. Students who progress to Marchman Technical College will provide these expert services to real clients.
This program is designed to provide students with basic instruction in digital and high-definition video systems, technical theories, design, creative thinking, pre-production, production, and post-production. Students will develop their skills through a combination of reading, writing, lectures, workshops, media presentations, and assigned productions. Students will work in both crews and independently to produce original content and quality productions comparable to industry standards using Adobe CC Premier and After Effects.
This program teaches students skills and technical knowledge in planning, installing, troubleshooting, maintaining, repairing, and remodeling residential and commercial electrical systems. It provides basic pre-apprenticeship training through journeyman license preparation, which includes instruction in blueprint symbols, notations, National Electric Code, field experience and more.
This program prepares students for employment in the marine service repair trade. Students learn to diagnose malfunctions, prepare repair estimates and work orders, and repair or replace parts as specified by manufacturers. Students will receive hands-on training in stern-drive and outboard mechanics, gasoline inboard engines, diesel engines, powerheads, and more.
This program captures all four legs of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), while creating a competitive environment that increases motivation. To succeed in the robotics field, professionals must understand engineering design, complex computer systems, sensory feedback and information processing. Students will build the foundation of success as they learn robotics, robotic design essentials, robotic systems, and robotic applications.
This program teaches students how to properly use welding equipment and products as they gain hands-on experience in basic and advanced welding, weld positioning, flux-cored arc welding (FCAW or FCA), gas metal arc welding (GMAW), and other disciplines. Students also will prepare for the American Welding Society (AWS) certification exam. Instruction covers 140 of 143 AWS weld types.


These career-ready pathways are designed to develop students’ skills in a particular field. Each pathway features a core curriculum of state-of-the-art courses that emphasize hands-on learning, using professional equipment and technology. In addition, students are required to take traditional English, mathematics, science, history and foreign language courses.

Small Classes, Big Ideas

Small class sizes create a stronger teacher-student connection. With 150 students at each grade level, our classes promote personalized hands-on learning. The student-to-teacher ratio will ensure that students get the attention and instruction they need to fully develop their unique skillsets.

Learn Skills That Work

Our focus on college and career readiness ensures that students will have access to the best equipment and facilities. Students will learn to use an array of specialized, top-of-the-line equipment throughout all fields of instruction. They will use this equipment in simulated real-life situations and field exercises, creating a seamless transition to their eventual careers.

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