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Tampa Bay Regional Aeronautics Academy

Our Vision

In the evolution of education it is a proven fact that there is value in the application of a career and technical path that provides courses and training opportunities that prepare today’s student for given careers.  Though the combined efforts of various school boards throughout the State of Florida a program has been undertaken for a career cluster program that provides foundational knowledge to help jumpstart student experience by working in real world scenarios as an extension of the classroom experience.  Centered on the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) program and Project Based Learning (PBL), success has been achieved in a variety of ever-changing arenas.  Students who pursue one of these career fields will be involved in planning, managing, and providing scientific research, as well as professional and technical services, to address the needs of high-growth industries as part of their secondary and post-secondary education to be able to obtain positions in the future workforce.

Our Mission

As technological transformations have advanced in the field of air transportation, efforts have been put forward to embrace aviation as part of these Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs.  To that end, a collaborative effort has evolved in local high schools in concert with educational organizations like Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU).  To date baseline ERAU aviation oriented courses have been approved as part of the high school CTE curriculum.  Each of these courses offers the student defined outcomes and specific learning objectives in parallel with secondary and post-secondary educational pursuit of a designated career path.  To date the following courses have been approved:

• Principles of Aeronautical Science,
• Private Pilot Operations,
• Aviation Legislation,
• Aviation Physiology,
• Airport Management,
• Principles of Management,
• Fundamentals of Computer Programming,
• Introduction to Computing in Aviation,
• Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS),
• UAS Flight Planning and Systems,
• UAS Robotics, and
• Survey of Meteorology


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