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About Adult Education



Pasco County’s Adult and Community Education program provides lifelong learning opportunities which are responsive to the diverse needs of students, parents, businesses and the community.


  • The Pasco County Adult and Community School program is designed to offer all adults, regardless of age or experience, opportunities to:
  • participate in a continuing education program that meets individual needs and abilities.
  • acquire basic and fundamental academic skills.
  • pursue a high school education/GED diploma.
  • acquire job training.
  • enhance one’s economic efficiency.
  • acquire an awareness and appreciation of the arts.
  • grow in knowledge, understanding and critical thinking.

General Information


Applicants must be 16 years of age or older to enroll in Adult Education classes. Students enrolled in high school may also attend evening classes for credit, providing they meet the requirements for entry.


Preregistration is required for some courses. Interested persons should call the schools where the classes are scheduled for an appointment with a guidance counselor. Registration for most evening courses is on a first-come basis.
NOTE: Any student who is disabled and requires reasonable accommodation to participate in an adult education class must request such accommodation prior to enrollment.


A minimum enrollment is necessary to organize most classes. The District School Board of Pasco County reserves the right to discontinue any class when attendance falls below the required number. Adults may enroll in classes at any location.

Guidance and Counseling

The Adult Education High Schools provide guidance assistance to help students plan more effectively to reach their academic and personal goals toward high school completion.

Community Fee Supported Courses

Various types of self improvement/interest courses can be developed to meet each community’s needs. Business groups and organizations are encouraged to contact one of the schools if they are interested in developing partnership programs. A minimum of 15 students is required to organize any new class.


Academic courses designed for students who do not have a high school diploma or who wish to improve English Language skills, will be assessed a State mandated tuition of $30 per term. Tuition/fees for high school graduates seeking job preparatory or continuing workforce courses are as follows:

Adult Job Preparatory:  Career Education

• Resident - $2.78 per contact hour

• Non-Resident - $11.17 per contact hour

Adult General Education

• Resident - $30 per term

• Out-of-State Fee - $90 per term

Adult General Education terms follow the same calendar dates used for the Workforce Development Information Services data reporting terms.

General fees for credit classes shall be equal to those of the regular high school fees.  In addition, a laboratory supply fee shall be set for each course offered.  The fees shall include the cost of safety glasses as required by law for selected courses.

Legislative language has established various fees as the required local effort for all post-secondary adult courses/programs.  The district is allowed to add up to an additional 10% to the student fees collected for those programs to be used for financial aid purposes.  The fee schedule for 2011-2012 reflects the inclusion of that percentage for financial aid.  Fee waivers may be granted only for those students identified by statute and those students under specific contractual agreements.

Fee-Supported Classes

• Job or Work-Related Courses - $2.00 per contact hour

• Personal Interest - $2.00 per contact hour

• Specialized Courses - $2.00 per contact hour

The required number of students needed to offer a class will be based upon the minimum number required to cover all class expenses.  If a specific course is to be offered with less than the minimum number of required students, the hourly fee must be raised accordingly.  A consumable supply fee may be collected.


Beginning January 1, 2014, a new version of the GED test was released.  The new GED test will be 100% computer-based with multiple choice, short answer and essay questions.  The cost of the full battery of GED tests will be $128 ($32 for each module).

GED Test Battery: To register visit

TABE Test : Contact Marchman Technical College @ 727-774-1700 or James Irvin Education Center @ 352-524-5700

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