School Choice Overview
School Choice Overview - FAQ

Transportation is not provided for students approved for school choice into another school.

HUB transportation may be provided for magnet schools/programs. Please see the Pasco Pathways Innovative Programs and School Choice Catalog for additional details.

​Ask your child for their ID number if s/he does not know the number, then please email to request assistance. Provide as much detail as possible, including the student’s full legal name, date of birth and your best contact phone number. A member of our technology team will research the information and reply back to you. The user name is the email address you used to register. For passwords, please click the bottom link in the parent portal entrance to enter your email address to reset the password. Application timelines are located on our main School Choice webpage.

Once approved, students are authorized to attend the school of choice through the highest grade served at the same school. New applications are required when students change school levels (from 5th to 6th grade or 8th to 9th grade). See the 2020-2021 Controlled Open Enrollment Plan for exceptions that require reapplying for school choice.

Applications submitted during open enrollment are given equal consideration, regardless of whether they were submitted the first day or the last day and are subject to a Lottery procedure. The School Board approved Magnet and Controlled Open Enrollment Plans establish procedures that are used to select students.

Yes, edits to your application may be made until the window closes. Please note: the last entry prior to the window closing

will be the application that is processed.

If you do not respond by the deadline, your school choice offer is forfeited.

If you decline the school choice offer, your child will attend school at their zoned school. Students receive one (1) offer of enrollment.

Parents may choose to select up to three (3) school choice options during the Controlled Open Enrollment window.

Yes. Frozen by capacity status indicates that entrance will be restricted according to the Controlled Open Enrollment Plan, and is usually limited to siblings as defined in this plan, employee students in the feeder pattern, and those required in state statute, including changes of address as a result of active duty military orders, child custody decisions and foster care placement.

Placement of siblings within the same school is facilitated whenever feasible provided the appropriate educational services are available for each sibling and placement does not impact class size. Siblings must reside in the same household or documentation of joint custody must be provided.

Select the child you wish to submit an application for from the dropdown menu located in the blue area at the top of your screen. You will then be linked to the selected child’s specific application. To submit an application for another child, make sure to select their name from the dropdown menu to link to their specific application.

Please consult the website or contact the Office for After School Enrichment Programs for information regarding the location of these fee-based programs.​

When your child lives in the zone, you will need to present proof of residency and complete the enrollment process. Related to contracts for future home occupancy, present the executed contract showing the address of the house to be completed within 90 days and other required proofs of residency.

Out of county students must complete a school choice application requesting a school of choice in Pasco County by the school choice deadline. Florida law prevents out of county students requesting school choice reassignment from displacing students residing in Pasco County at schools that are at or above capacity.

Each charter school conducts its own separate selection process. Please consult the charter school’s website for further details.

Applications are online only. Computers are available at public schools or the public library.