Anclote Elementary School

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August 2016 - Check out our "Move In Day" Video!


Anclote Elementary School Renovations




...and after renovations!


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There was a meeting for Anclote Elementary families at Gulf Middle School on Thursday, March 26.  The meeting discussed childcare, transportation, the renovation plan, and more.  Click here for a copy of the flyer that was distributed at the meeting


Capacity numbers:

  • 1,350 student capacity @ GMS
  • 716 current student enrollment @ GMS
  • 593 current student enrollment @ AES

The Anclote Elementary School Infrastructure Renovation will include:

  • Replace air conditioning system
  • Upgrade electrical system
  • Continue upgrade of plumbing system
  • Upgrade networking system
  • Overall interior upgrades

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New Foyer

Some of the improved Safety and Security Systems will include:

  • Fire alarms
  • Security alarms
  • Security cameras
  • Electronic access at strategic doors


Corridor outside Cafeteria

Cafeteria and Stage

Central Collaboration Area

Anclote Elementary will feature state of the art networking, wifi, charging capability, and project collaboration space.

Enhanced Classrooms

  • Walls, doors and carpet for noise reduction
  • Exterior windows for daylighting
  • Double doors to facilitate team teaching and collaboration
  • New classroom video instruction technology


  • Negotiating with architect and design team
  • Construction to begin in August 2015
  • School reopens in August 2016
  • Repeat design with lessons learned from Quail Hollow Elementary and Shady Hills Elementary

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