Professional Learning Community Facilitator

Target Audience 

Current Certified Teachers 

General Description

Create a year-long plan that supports the development of PLC Facilitator in their roles and responsibilities as a team leader.  Includes quarterly PD workshops (after hours), goals and objectives for each workshop, and a common set of roles, responsibilities, and expectations for PLC facilitators at the elementary, middle and high school level.

Required Prerequisites

Selected by school administrator to lead each grade a content level in this capacity.


  • Develop and apply skills related to creating and adhering to team norms, roles, and expectations.
  • Ensure teacher-team time is focused on the right work of the PLC guiding questions.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the Guiding questions, including products that result from the work.
  • Develop and apply facilitation skills to meet the needs of all team members and be able to engage in social problem-solving when needed.

Contact Information

Vaughnette Chandler, Sr. Supervisor for Leadership Development and School Supports 

Charlotte Kralik, Professional Development Program Coordinator