Pasco County Coaching Conference

Target Audience

All Coach and Coaching Stakeholders 

General Description

Two times a year, Pasco County hosts the Instructional Coaching Conference.  This all-day event focuses on professional learning around the best practices of coaching and elevates coaching moves to ensure high impact instruction, data-drive decisions, and collaborative culture.  This year the coaching conference will fall on November 1 & January 31 (8:30-4:00pm). 


“What is it that your students and staff need you to learn this year?”

Welcome Instructional Coaching Conference participants and presenters to our newly rescheduled event. Our mission is to provide professional learning that will advance both the content knowledge and best practices of our instructional coaches. We want to use these advancements and level-ups to provide awesome supports to our staff while we provide our world class education. The best coaching is the work done closest to student outcomes and has a strong impact on student learning.

Please use this conference to grow your coaching skills. Be greedy. Find the professional learning that meets your immediate needs, the needs of your scholars and staff, and offers you a chance to boost your coaching game. We deeply appreciate you. We built these sessions based on your feedback and input. Several sessions are offered from your peers, our national partners, and folks that support your work.

Make sure to take the time to complete the feedback at the end of each session. This feedback will help us make decisions in the future and we will use it to provide your professional learning points in myPGS. Thanks again for all you do. Our Pasco County Instructional Coaches are awesome!

Required Prerequisites

Registration for the Coaching Conference 

Contact Information

Jeremy Blair 

Program Coordinator 

Instructional Coaching 

Office for Leading and Learning