Mentorship Program

Target Audience 

Certified Teachers with Administrative Recommendation 

General Description

Clinical Educator is an 18-hour course to learn how to mentor students engaged in their practicum or new teachers to the District. Within this course teachers will learn the importance of building a personal and professional relationship with a growth mindset. They will learn coaching styles and how to understand the professional issues of an aspiring or new teacher. All mentors will be trained how to conduct the formative clinical process in order to provide non-judgemental feedback to set goals and ultimately support interns or new teachers as they transition into Pasco or begin their career. 

Recommended Candidates (Principal Application) 

  • Minimum of three (3) years "highly effective or effective" teaching experience  
  • Must have completed 3 years of teaching in Pasco.  
  • Demonstrated emphasis on personal professional development and advancement of the education profession  
  • Demonstrated effective skills related to:  
  • designing, delivering and assessing high-impact learning activities for ALL students.  
  • classroom management  
  • communication; collaboration; organization  
  • Demonstrated effective leadership skills, qualities & experiences  

Clinical Educator certification is valid for five (5) years: certified mentors must complete a Clinical Educator renewal training every five (5) years. Certified staff who have not served as a mentor/intern supervisor for 2 consecutive years must complete a refresher training prior to serving in that role.  

Contact Information 

Charlotte Kralik 

Professional Development Program Coordinator