Mentor Leader

Target Audience 

Current Teacher Leaders 

General Description

Mentor Leader is not a stand-alone, but an additional responsibility of an instructional classroom position.  This role is a curriculum contract to the regular duties assigned to the individual’s instructional position.  The mentor leader is responsible for the coordination, design, implementation, and assessment of school-based supports for new teachers and their cooperating mentors.  During non-student contact time, this employee will support new teachers and their mentors utilizing various research-based best mentor support and practice opportunities. Those supports and practices are outlined within the duties of this position. 

Required Prerequisites

  • Valid professional teaching certificate

  • Minimum of three years professional teaching experience with evaluation ratings of “highly effective” or “effective” 

  • Ability to work an extended schedule (or outside of contract hours) 

  • Attended Clinical Educator Training (if taken more than 5 years ago, then the Mentor Leader agrees to take the Clinical Educator Refresher by the summer of the next school year) 

  • Have experience mentoring teachers 

  • Principal Recommendation 

Mentor Leader Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and assist with facilitation of the new teacher campus tour 

  • Develop a year-long meeting structure and plan that collaboratively engages new teachers with their assigned mentors 

  • Facilitate at least monthly meetings for new teachers and mentors utilizing the New Teacher Support Guide to design topics of discussions and relevant activities 

  • Inform new teachers, aspiring teacher mentors, and current mentors of upcoming professional development opportunities 

  • Assist with creating structures and opportunities to assist new teachers and mentors with engaging in classroom observations, feedback cycles, and collaborative lesson planning practices 

  • Serve as the point of contact for communication between school and district regarding needs of new teachers and mentors 

  • Assist in pairing up new teachers with mentors to ensure that all new teachers have a trained and approved mentor assigned to them 

  • Ensure that new teachers receive consistent support from their mentors 

  • Support teacher mentors in understanding the expectations of their role as a mentor and recertifying their Clinical Educator certificate every five years 

  • Serve as a resource to school administration to develop, facilitate, implement, and evaluate the school’s new teacher support program 

  • Attend district professional development for Mentor Leader 

Contact Information

Charlotte Kralik

Professional Development Program Coordinator