LEAD for Aspiring Coaches

Target Audience 

Current Teachers 

General Description

This 6-session course is designed for those that want to learn more about coaching around instructional excellence and the leadership skills required of a coach.  Learn more about instructional coaching in Pasco, cultural leadership, intentional decision-making, growth mindset and effective coaching characteristics. 

Course learning objectives: 

  • creating and maintaining a coaching climate that is welcoming, open, and hospitable for everyone dedicated to the work of the students. 
  • cultivate leadership competencies to inspire, motivate, and encourage people to push, learn, and continuously grow. 
  • applying strategic thinking and current research to inform coaching practices.  
  • demonstrating high levels of emotional intelligence that allow for relational leadership, honest feedback, and genuine trust.  
  • reflecting on core beliefs and mindsets that enable and empower other adults to learn and grow.  
  • implementing a vision for coaching success within the school that builds the capacity of adults. 

This course is for teachers that want to transition to a coaching position. 

Recommended Prerequisites

  • LEAD for Teacher Leaders 
  • Clinical Educator Training preferred (Principal recommendation required for Clinical Educator Training) 

Contact Information 

Jeremy Blair, Program Coordinator- Instructional Coaching



Vaughnette Chandler, Sr. Supervisor for Leadership Development and School Supports