Welcome New Kindergartner Families and Students to Pasco County Schools

Welcome new scholars! We are happy to have you in our schools and engage you for what will be the best educational experience.

We exist to provide a world class education for all students.  We are grateful for opportunity to educate the youngest learners in our school system, through our innovative programs and experiences. This is the first step to prepare your students for success in college, career and life.

We appreciate your trust in our system and congratulations on your journey in being PASCO proud!!

Registering your Kindergarten student

It’s that time of year to start preparing for your incoming students for an exciting journey to becoming a Kindergartner. Below you will find some helpful information to get the process started. The Countdown to Kindergarten  (Spanish version) will give you month by month information to prepare you and your student for the year ahead. You can start your registration process NOW!

Does your student already have a 6-digit Pasco Student number?

Active Pre-K Students

We know that many of our students are currently taking advantages of Pre-K opportunities. If your  student is enrolled in a Pasco Pre-K program, your student will be rolled to the residential zoned school for your address.

Inactive Pre-K students

If your student was previously in a Pasco Pre-K program, and was assigned a 6-digit number but is no longer actively enrolled, please email mypascohelp@pasco.k12.fl.us.

In this email, please provide your student’s name, date of birth, and a copy of your driver’s license so that we may verify the enrollment and reactivate the student account. Once the student account is reactivated, you will get an email with a link to complete your kindergarten registration.

School Choice

If you applied for school choice for your incoming kindergartner, and accepted a seat, you do not need to create another registration. The school of choice will contact you with information on kindergarten events.

If you applied for school choice, and your student was waitlisted, then your active registration will be routed to your residential zoned school. Your residential zoned school will communicate next steps on registration completion and kindergarten events.

New to Pasco?

Step 1: Know your Schools

Our district is divided by residential zones. Visit the Schools Boundaries page to determine which school your address is zoned for.

Step 2: Getting Prepared

Please read our Registration Requirements carefully, as some of the content has changed:



Step 3: On your way

Once registered, visit the Parent Resources Webpage for all the information you need. Before going back-to-school shopping, please remember to call your school or check its web site for supply and wish lists.