Aspiring Leaders Canvas Course: ELA Focus

Target Audience 

Aspiring Teachers and Leaders who are interested in growing ELA content knowledge. 

General Description 

Participants will learn how to use an effective coaching cycle, know effective teaching practices, gather data and be effective leaders. 

  • Use an effective coaching cycle - Over 20 years of research has led us to The Impact Cycle, a coaching cycle built on three stages: identify, learn, improve. 
  • Know effective teaching practices - Instructional coaches need a deep knowledge of a set of strategies that they know will help teachers hit their goals. We refer to this as the Instructional Playbook
  • Gather data - It is essential that coaches know how to gather basic observational data so that it can be used to set goals and monitor progress. 
  • Be effective leaders - We have found that the coaches who lead change successfully have two important attributes: they must be deeply respectful to the teachers with whom they collaborate, and they must be assertive and disciplined, leading change in an organized, ambitious, and forceful manner. Both are necessary. 


Course Recommended Prerequisites 


Contact Information 

Jeremy Blair 

Program Coordinator 

Instructional Coaching 

Office for Leading and Learning 

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