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Stories, videos, etc

This page is for ASL stories, poetry, resources, and videos.   You are more than welcome to watch, practice, and assess the usage of ASL skills/voicing/word choices, etc.  Enjoy!


Max ASL App 

Parent Advocacy (for IEPs)

Signed Stories for Everyone

The ASL App

VL2 Storybook 


A variety of poems available from Cats Library

ASL Slam Poetry

Clayton Valli Poetry

Crom Saunders

Douglas Ridloff 

Flying Words by Peter Cook

The Dogs Poem by Ella Mae Lentz

The United States of Poetry by Peter Cook


#OperationASLStorytime (A collection of children's books signed in ASL)

A variety of stories available from Cats Library

Ace Mahbaz "Game Over" Video

ASL Stories Directory


ASL Stories for Children

Ben Bahan ASL stories

Dack Virnig "Fish" video

Deaf Twins "Unexpected" Video

DPAN.TV ASL Stories 

ERCOD Storytelling Videos

EWitty Videos

Ian Sanborn "The Squirrel Story" Video

"Julius Caesar" Play by Gallaudet Video

Justin Perez "Surfer Story" Video

Kids Do The Strangest Things ASL Story by Lou Fant

Michael Schulz Science Videos

Motion Light Lab

Nathie Marbury ASL Stories

Ruthie Jordan-Personification ASL-Pumpkinhead

Ruthie Jordan- Aesop Fables: The Frog and the Bull

Ruthie Jordan-Classifiers: Winter Solstice

Ruthie Jordan- Dummy Donkey

Snowy Day ASL story by Jenny Locy (book written by Ezra Jack Keats)

The Circus ASL story by Wink Smith

Visual Vernacular-"Butterfly" by Andrey Dragunov

Visual Vernacular-"Chef vs Fly" by Conrad Baer

Visual Vernacular-"Disney & Pixar Characters" by Justin Perez

Visual Vernacular-"Polished Eagle" by Edyna Kozub

Visual Vernacular-"TIR" by Edyna Kozub

Visual Vernacular-"Virtual Reality World" by Justin Perez and others

Visual Vernacular-"Wonder Woman" by Kristi Dorris