Purchasing Services Newsletter

October 26, 2020

We're back!

It's been a while since you've heard from us, but the newsletter is back!


In this issue you will find:

  • Updated guidelines for purchasing digital resources
  • Information on two new purchasing templates - Services Agreement and Contract Request Form
  • Q&A on the Replacement Furniture Catalog, plus using the furniture bid list
  • Amazon Tip of the Day

UPDATE: Digital Resource Purchasing Guidelines

Effective November 2, 2020, digital resource purchases (subscription agreements, license agreements, software, etc.) under $5,000 ($0-$4,999) do not need to be sent to the Contracts Help Desk for review. Instead, please enter a requisition and upload the quote together with the terms and conditions to TCM. 

If the purchase for digital resources is $5,000 or more, then the agreement and/or terms and conditions must be sent to the Contracts Help Desk for review and approval.

Detailed purchasing guidelines for digital resources may be viewed HERE.

Please note, there is an approval process for all digital resources regardless of the amount of the purchase. 

     Instructional material procedures can be found here:  Print and Digital Instructional Materials Approval Process 

     Non-instructional resource procedures can be found here:  Non-Instructional Digital Resources Approval Process Workflow

Services Agreement Template

The new Services Agreement template replaces the Consultant Agreement and was created to accommodate various services (consultants, professional development, standard services, etc.). The new template is available on Purchasing’s website under Contract Templates.

IMPORTANT: When using the templates available on Purchasing’s website, please do not save the templates on your computer for future use. Instead, anytime a template is needed please pull the template directly from Purchasing’s website to ensure you are using the most recent version.

Contract Request Form

When submitting a ticket to the Contracts Help Desk, please be sure to complete and upload the Contract Request Form with each request. This form will provide the information needed to ensure the Contracts Team is able to process the request efficiently.

Replacement Furniture Catalog:

Please click the link below to view the Replacement Furniture Catalog.  The furniture listed in the catalog has been pre-approved.  Schools and departments can proceed with purchases of these items without pre-approval from Purchasing. Please reference 18-033-RF on quote or invoice when using the replacement furniture bid.

Replacement Furniture Catalog Link

Replacement Furniture Q&A

  • Do I need preapproval from Purchasing for a purchase from this catalog?  No, all items within this catalog are already preapproved.
  • Do I need three quotes if I order from this catalog?  No, Purchasing has obtained the quotes for you.
  • Do I need to obtain a quote for a P-Card purchase from this catalog?  Yes, to purchase with a P-Card you will need a quote with this bid referenced.  Requisitions will not require a quote, but the bid details must be referenced.
  • I would like my furniture order to be installed.  Do these prices include installation?  The prices in the catalog are for delivery only.  If installation is needed, please reach out to the vendor for a quote, as there would be an additional charge.
  • If I am ordering a large quantity of an item(s) within this catalog, can I try to get better pricing?  Yes, you may contact the vendor and ask for another quote.
  • I would like to purchase furniture that is not in this catalog.  How do I accomplish this?  Click the link to the Awarded Funiture Bid below.  You may contact a vendor listed on the catalog and ask for another quote.

Vendors Awarded the Furniture Solicitation:

Please click the link below to view the vendors awarded the furniture solicitation.


  •  $0-$2,999.99 - Order from any of the vendors without pre-approval from Purchasing
  •  $3,000+- Three quotes required. Obtain pre-approval from Zsuzsi McGovern at zmcgover@pasco.k12.fl.us  or Patricia Mendonca at pmendonc@pasco.k12.fl.us (unless using the Replacement Furniture Catalog).

Using the Furniture Bid List:

  • When utilizing the furniturre bid vendors, please reference 18-033-NF on the quote or invoice.
  • If the furniture you are wanting to purchase is not available on the replacement furniture catalog, contact a vendor from the link below and ask for a quote.
  • P-Card can be utilized to purchase furniture.
  • Please make sure to notify the furniture vendor of which delivery method you would like included in your quote.

             *Tailgate Delivery - The school or department will be responsible for removing the furniture off the truck (without a liftgate) and taking it inside

             *Liftgate Delivery - The trucking company will remove the furniture from the truck via liftgate and the school or department will be responsible for bringing the boxes inside.

             *Inside Delivery - The trucking company will be responsible for unloading the furniture and placing it in a room near the loading area.

              *Installed - The furniture vendor will unload the furniture, put furniture together and place it in the designated space.

Awarded Furniture Bid Vendors Links

Amazon Tip of the Day:

If the bid vendors cannot supply the requested item(s), or provide the desired delivery date, or there is a significant price difference, Purchasing may be able to approve making the purchase through the District's Amazon Business account. When requesting to purchase from Amazon rather than a bid vendor, please contact the awarded bid vendor’s representative as listed on the current bid list for a price or capture a screen shot of the vendor's awarded web-catalog price. This documentation should be added to your request to purchase from Amazon in order to verify that the bid vendors were contacted. 

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