Purchasing Services Newsletter

May 2021

In this issue you will find:

  • Purchasing Announcements and Accolades
  • Use of Facilities information and updates
  • Vendor Exemption Certification
  • Current Bid List information
  • Digital Resources Purchasing Guidelines
  • Information Updates for Purchase Cardholders
  • P-card Misfits

Purchasing Announcements and Accolades

We would like to introduce and welcome our new Buyer Associate, Kimberly Brown.

Congratulations to Steve Duarte on his promotion to Buyer. 

We will be updating the Cost Center Assignment link information on who the purchasing contact is for each school and department.  If you should need purchasing assistance, please refer to this link to find the contact person for your site.


Use of Facilities

The District Office has approved the re-opening of use of facilities.  Please send completed Use of Facility requests to purchasing@pasco.k12.fl.us for processing.  Access to forms can be found on the Purchasing Services website under Use of Facilities Forms.

*Note – The Use of Facilities Cancellation Form must be completed if an event or activity at a site is no longer needed.  This form is required for Purchasing and Finance to process any charges/refunds that are due back to our clients.

Vendor Exemption Certification

Purchasing Services has created a new Vendor Exemption Certification form to replace Sole Source Letters.  Vendors will complete the form if necessary to provide information that is required for proof of exemptions for sole source, single source, and information technology.

Completed vendor forms will be posted on the Purchasing web page. More information to come...


Current Bid List

Make sure that you are checking the Purchasing Services Current Bid List regularly as bids/written quotes may change and/or be updated.


Digital Resource Purchasing Guidelines

With the new fiscal year coming, new purchases and renewals of digital resources will need to be processed, so please remember to follow the Digital Resource Purchasing Guidelines

Information Update for Purchase Cardholders

The Purchasing Services staff are required to review purchasing card transactions on a daily basis to ensure that all purchases are compliant with District policies, rules and regulations.  The P-Card Program Procedures Guide states: "Inappropriate or illegal use of the P-Card and/or failure to strictly comply with the limitation and requirements set forth in these P-Card Program Procedures may result in a loss of P-Card privileges, repayment for any and all inappropriate charges and administrative action may be taken."   It is the responsibility of the Purchasing Staff to notify the Cost Center Administrator and Card Manager of any misuse, inappropriate or non-compliant purchases.  Continued misuse, inappropriate or non-compliant purchases will result in mandatory retraining for the cardholder and then loss of purchasing card privileges.  These compliance actions were suspended several years ago but are now being reinstated.  Effective June 14, 2021, Purchasing Services staff members will begin enforcing this compliance for all cardholders who repeatedly misuse card privileges and do not follow P-Card guidelines and procedures.  

Please refer to the Purchasing Card Information page on the Purchasing web page.


P-Card Misfits

If you have a misfit on your P-Card statement, please notify your Purchasing Services contact so that these vendors can be corrected prior to the statement being converted.

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