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Definition and Purpose

A transfer student is one enrolling from a school district outside Pasco County who has been found eligible in an area of Exceptional Student Education (ESE) and has a current Individual Education Plan (T/IEP). This term does not apply to student articulating from one school level to another or moving between schools in Pasco County. School districts are legally obligated to continue the provision of special education services for students who are identified as ESE and who have a current T/IEP.

Transfer Procedures for ESE Students

A student who enters Pasco County with a current T/IEP must receive ESE services immediately upon enrolling. The services provided must approximate the services indicated in the T/IEP received, as closely as possible. This can include Tier 2/3 supports provided through multi-tiered systems of support, as well as ESE Services. The T/IEP team may convene to revise or rewrite the T/IEP, based on current data and the student's current identified needs. The continuation of some eligibilities/related services require evaluation from a Florida licensed physician or therapist, and are noted as such on transfer paperwork issued to the parent following enrollment and receipt of an out-of-state T/IEP.

NOTE: Students who transfer in from other Florida or out-of-state schools should be enrolled at the school that provides the services outlined on the current T/IEP, unless information is available and documented that may change the placement and/or location. If the placement appears to be inappropriate, an In-School Staffing (ISS) meeting (for all out-of-state transfers and some in-state transfers) and/or reevaluation (in state transfers) meeting should be scheduled to pursue additional information and data that may lead to a more appropriate placement.

Transfer Process and Persons Responsible

1. Verify the existence of the current T/IEP and request a faxed copy immediately -- ISS Chair/Guidance Secretary

2. If you are unsure of the student's placement or the current T/IEP can't be implemented, contact the CRT to review the documents.

3. Issue an Informed Notice of Continued Eligibility for ESE Services (MIS #707) to the parent with procedural safeguards -- ISS Chair/Guidance Secretary/ESE Teacher. The DOE Procedural Safeguards needs to be provided for out-of-state transfers. Students transferring from within Florida may receive the Review of Procedural Safeguards (MIS #710).

4. Place the student in an appropriate educational setting -- T/IEP Team. An appropriate setting means that it provides the “services” addressed in the T/IEP received from the previous school.

5. Determine which of three options is most appropriate -- T/IEP Team

Option 1 - Review and adopt the T/IEP without revision, in which case a meeting is not required. The T/IEP is a legal document that must be implemented as written.

Option 2 - Revise the existing T/IEP, based upon data received from the previous school and/or new data collected through assessment. T/IEP expiration and reevaluation dates must be honored. A T/IEP meeting is required.

Option 3 - Develop a new Pasco T/IEP, in which case a T/IEP meeting is required. Recommended goals and services are based on data received from previous school and/or new data collected through assessment. Reevaluation due dates must be honored unless additional assessments were conducted to determine Florida eligibility (out-of-state transfers) or through the reevaluation process (in-state transfers); in those cases, a new reevaluation due date is assigned.

6. Complete a Matrix for students receiving 254 and 255 services -- T/IEP Team

7. Complete and submit a MIS #729- Data Entry Form -- ESE Case Manager

8. Complete a Transfer Compliance form -- ESE Case Manager

9. Request records from the previous school -- ISS Chair/Guidance Secretary

10. Create a red ESE file for each area of eligibility and an orange file for a related service -- ISS Chair/Guidance secretary

11. Review ESE records received from the previous school -- T/IEP Team

12. Add out-of-state transfer students to ISS agenda -- ISS Chair/Guidance Secretary

13. Completes a compliance review -- SCT/ESE Specialist

Additional Procedures for Out of State (OOS) Transfer Students

Each out-of-state transfer student is brought to ISS for the purpose of reviewing data to determine if additional assessment/data is needed in order to meet Florida eligibility criteria. Evaluation team recommendations are recorded on the In-School Staffing Meeting report (MIS 433). If assessment data is needed, a Consent for Evaluation (MIS #425) will be requested, as in the case of any initial evaluation. Once the written consent for evaluation is received, a request for Student Services (MIS #404) is completed for any recommended evaluations conducted by the school psychologist, school social worker and/or speech/language pathologist. An ESE staffing is not required unless the student is determined to be ineligible or/discontinued from ESE services or eligible in a different area of exceptionality. A Team Analysis of Data (TAD) is not required unless identifying a new area of eligibility beyond the transferred areas.

Out-of-State Transfer Students Identified with Medical Eligibilities

Students who have met criteria for medically based eligibilities in another state/country (Hospital/Homebound, Orthopedically Impaired, Other Health Impaired, Traumatic Brain Injured and Visually Impaired) are required under Florida State Board Rules to obtain medical documentation from a Florida licensed physician in order to maintain these areas of eligibility. This requirement is explained in a cover letter that accompanies the Informed Notice for students who are eligible for these areas. The district is able to assist families in obtaining the required documentation for eligibility determination. If the required medical documentation is not received within the 60 day evaluation window, the student will be discontinued from the area of eligibility.

Out-of-State Transfer Students Receiving Occupational and/or Physical Therapy

Students who have received occupational and/or physical therapy (OT/PT) in another state are required under Florida Therapy Practice Act to be evaluated by a Florida licensed therapist in order to obtain these related services. Out-of-state transfer students are not transferred into OT/PT, rather immediate written consent for evaluation is requested so the therapist can initiate the required evaluation process, thus avoiding any delays in addressing student needs. This requirement is explained in a cover letter that accompanies the Informed Notice for students who are eligible for these areas. Please attach the required form for continued eligibility: Physical Examiniation Form (MIS #818). A prescription from a Florida physician is required prior to determining eligibility for PT services. The district is able to assist families in obtaining the required OT/PT Therapy Prescription Form (MIS #732). If the required prescription for PT is not received within the 60 day evaluation window,the student will be determined ineligible for PT.

Transfer Students Older Than Age 6 Who Are Identified as Developmentally Delayed

When the evaluation/reevaluation is not completed prior to the sixth birthday for a transfer students classified in the area of Developmental Delay ONLY, and continued services are deemed necessary to access FAPE, another area of disability closest to the original concern is temporarily assigned until the evaluation/reevaluation is completed and the eligibility staffing can occur.

Transfer Students Eligible for Either Deaf or Hard of Hearing and/or Visually Impaired

  • Out-of-state transfer students who are eligible for BOTH Deaf or Hard of Hearing AND Visually Impaired, should be transferred into Dual Sensory Impaired upon enrollment in a Pasco County school. The ISS team will need to follow up with required evaluation recommendations, including an updated vision evaluation from a Florida doctor.
  • In-state and out-of-state transfer students who meet eligibility for either Deaf or Hard of Hearing (D/HH) or Visually Impaired (VI) should be brought to the ISS team to review data and determine whether additional assessment is warranted to consider eligibility for Dual-Sensory Impaired (DSI). ISS Teams should consult with the assigned Staffing and Compliance Teacher/ESE Specialist regarding eligibility requirements.

Transfer Students Eligible for Gifted

We can only transfer Gifted students if they have an Educational Plan (EP) used by their former district. For out-of-state transfers, previous district’s eligibility criteria is accepted if an EP exists. All student records must be considered for continued eligibility in Gifted. If the student has an older EP due to attending private school or being home schooled, the compliance specialist or supervisor need to review the documents.

For a student arriving to Pasco County with an EP AND an evaluation that meets Florida eligibility criteria for Gifted, the staff will complete transfer procedures.

If a student has an EP and has an evaluation that meets criteria of the prior district, the Pasco team transfers the student and then decides if additional evaluation data is necessary.

If an out-of-state student relocates to Pasco with an EP but no evaluation data, the team transfers the student and conducts an evaluation to consider Florida eligibility criteria. Parent should be told that continued eligibility for gifted will depend upon meeting Florida criteria.

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