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Procedural safeguards provide parents with information regarding student rights under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA). These rights ensure that parents are informed when making decisions, regarding their child, in the educational setting.

Procedural safeguards must be provided at least one time a school year, but must also be given:

• Upon initial referral or parent request for evaluation

• In accordance with the discipline procedures when a change in placement occurs

• Upon receipt of the first state complaint in a school year

• Upon receipt of the first due process hearing in a school year

• Upon recommendation that an extraordinary exemption, for a given state assessment, be granted or denied

• Upon parent request to receive a copy

Procedural safeguards, for all areas of exceptional student education, can be found on the FLDOE Website (at the links below):

Procedural Safeguards.
Procedural Safeguards - Spanish version.