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Part B of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004) requires that school districts locate, identify, and evaluate at public expense students who are parentally placed at private schools and who are suspected of having disabilities and needing special education and related services. This is part of the general school district responsibility, known as Child Find. The requirement to make available a free appropriate public education does not extend to private school settings when children with disabilities are parentally placed in those settings.

There is no individual entitlement of parentally placed private school students to receive special education services. However, some students may receive services under a Service Plan. Please see Services Available to Private School Students with Disabilities on the Private School Services web page to review what services the district has agreed to provide for the current school year.

Note: Although students attending any private school are entitled to Child Find, these services are only available to parentally-placed students with disabilities (ESE) who attend nonprofit private schools within Pasco County.

Web Page for Parents and Private School Administrators

SSPS Web Page for Parents and Private School Administrators

State Technical Assistance

FLDOE Technical Assistance Paper for Students with Disabilities Enrolled by Their Parents in Private Schools

FLDOE Technical Assistance Paper for General Education Intervention Procedures, Child Find, and the Initial Provision of Exceptional Education Services to Eligible Student (See sections E-1, E-4, and E-6 on pages 14, 16-17 for private school related information)

Child Find for Parentally-Placed Private School Students (Evaluations and Reevaluations)

The school district must conduct child find for all children attending private schools, including religious schools, located in the jurisdiction of the district, to identify students who are in need of special education and related services. Note: If the private school operates as a for-profit school, then the district where the student resides is responsible for child find activities.

Following any ESE eligibility staffing for a parentally-placed private school student, all staffing information should be sent to district ESE private school contact.

Note: Although an eligibility staffing occurs for all private school students through Child Find, the development of an educational plan and parent consent only occurs in the following circumstances:

1. Child is enrolled in a Pasco public school: A T/IEP is then developed and parent consent is obtained once enrolled
2. Child is enrolled in a NON-PROFIT Private School: After the parent has requested services and approval has been obtained, a Service Plan is developed

Parental Request for Services for Students Currently Attending Non-Profit Private School

For students currently attending nonprofit private schools parents can request ESE services by completing the following packet and submitting it to the private school and/or the District ESE private school contact.

Private School Services Available Overview
Private School Services Request Packet

Service Plans

Service Plans are only written following an eligibility staffing and after parent request for ESE services has been submitted to and approved by the ESE department at the District Office. After such a request is approved, the contract therapist serving the student will draft the Service Plan, hold the appropriate meeting at the non-profit private school site, and obtain consent for services. The only exception to this is if a school-based SLP is serving a student for Clinic Speech Services (Home Ed request, etc.)