SSPS:Other Health Impaired Eligibility

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A student identified as Other Health Impaired is one who has limited strength, vitality, or alertness due to chronic or acute health problems that adversely affect a student’s educational performance.

Criteria for Eligibility

  • A student is eligible for Exceptional Student Education (ESE) under the area of Other Health Impaired if the student has a health impairment which results in reduced efficiency in school work because of temporary or chronic lack of strength, vitality or alertness.
  • Ages served: 3-22. By the age of three (3) students may be served by a preschool program.
  • Students over the age of eighteen (18) years, who have not met IEP objectives and/or graduation requirements, will be recommended on an individual basis at the annual IEP review/revision conference and considered for placement based on their ability to successfully achieve program goals. Students may continue through the semester in which they turn twenty-two (22) if recommended by the IEP committee.

Intervention Requirements

Refer to Referral and Evaluation as Problem Solving (PS)/Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) procedures must be followed. Evaluation team recommended exceptions to PS/MTSS may be addressed on an individual basis with supervisor involvement.

Evaluation Team The evaluation team should include one (or more) general education teacher(s), an ESE teacher, school psychologist, and school nurse. Additional staff may be added, based on identified student needs, e.g., ESOL teacher, literacy coach, math coach, school social worker, graduation enhancement teacher, occupational therapist, physical therapist, speech/language pathologist and/or any other itinerant staff.