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State Hospital Homebound Rule Requirements

State Board of Education Rule 6A-6.03020, F.A.C.: Specially Designed Instruction for Students Who Are Homebound or Hospitalized

Homebound or hospitalized. A homebound or hospitalized student is a student who has a medically diagnosed physical or psychiatric condition which is acute or catastrophic in nature, or a chronic illness, or a repeated intermittent illness due to a persisting medical problem which confines the student to home or hospital, and restricts activities for an extended period of time. The medical diagnosis shall be made by a licensed physician.

  • Guidance from the FLDOE Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services also allows an advanced registered nurse practitioner (ARNP) or a physician's assistant (PA) working for a licensed physician to sign this medical statement required for HHB eligibility. For an ARNP or PA’s signature to be accepted, the name of the licensed physician must be noted on the statement.