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[[SSPS:Referral and Evaluation|Referral and Evaluation]]
[[SSPS:Referral and Evaluation|Referral and Evaluation]]
[[SSPS:Pre-K ESE Resources|Pre-K ESE Resources]]
[[SSPS:Private School Services|Private School Services]]
[[SSPS:Private School Services|Private School Services]]

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This page is currently under construction and will be completed by August 2014. Information for the Office for Student Support Programs and Services is currently available on the ESE Wiki.

Alphabetical List of SSPS Wiki Pages


504 Manual

ESE Articulation Procedures

ESE Matrix of Services Manual

Service Animals

Compliance Staff Resources

ESE Eligibility Criteria

ESE Data Entry Elements

Discontinuation and Dismissal

Eligibility and Placement

Educational Plans


Referral and Evaluation

Pre-K ESE Resources

Private School Services

Transfer Placement

Maintenance of ESE Records - coming soon

ESE Secretary Resources - coming soon

Senate Bill 1108


ESE Program Boundaries

OT/PT Staff Assignments

SSPS-Compliance Division Organizational Chart


Assistive Technology

Assistive Technology/CORE Team

Audiology Services

Behavior Resources

Commonly Used Forms

Crisis Intervention Team

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Resources

ESE Program Boundaries

Feeding and Swallowing Resources

Hearing Screenings

Job Preparation Program

Off-Campus Options

Safety and Supervision Resources

Speech/Language Therapy Resources

Transition Resources

Visually Impaired Resources

Educationally Relevant Occupational and Physical Therapy Services