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(Compliance Division)
(Compliance Division)
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= Compliance Division =
= Compliance Division =
[[SSPS:504|504 Manual]]
[[SSPS:504 Manual|504 Manual]]

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OSSPS Mission Statement
The Office for Student Support Programs and Services provides leadership for the implementation of a continuum of services for students with exceptional needs, using evidence based instructional practices and interventions, provided by highly qualified teachers, so that all students will reach their highest potential.

Topics of Interest

Senate Bill 1108

Compliance Division

504 Manual

Discipline / SESIR
504 Discipline, Florida State Statutes, Parent Brochures & Information, School Board Policy, School Environment Safety Incident Reporting (SESIR)

Compliance Procedures
Data Entry Elements, Diagnostic Teaching, Eligibility and Placement, Education Plans, ESY, Matrix of Services, McKay Scholarship Program, Private School Services, Reevaluation, Referral and Evaluation, Surrogate Parents and Transfer Placement

Individual Education Plan Resources
Online Quality Individual Education Plan (QIEP) Training, PlanMaker Overview, T/IEP Compliance

Maintenance of ESE Records

Medicaid Resources
AHCA Technical Assistance Papers, DocuSystems, Medicaid Certified School Match Handbook, Medicaid Certified School Match Resources, Medicaid DON Resources, Nursing Resources, School District Administrative Claiming (SDAC), Speech/Language Resources

Orientation and Training Podcasts
These podcasts were designed for the Guidance Secretary or other staff responsible for processing ESE auditable paperwork.

Staffing and Compliance Manual

Student Services Division

Bullying & Prevention

Child Abuse Prevention

Dual Enrollment
Dual Enrollment Guide, Pasco County Dual Enrollment Agreement, Dual Enrollment Textbook Information

School Counselors
School Counselor Comprehensive Plan

School Nursing
School Health Services

School Social Work
School Social Work, School Engagement Manual

Student Records
Student Records Manual, and Manual Procedures

Students with Disabilities Division

Behavior Resources
Behavior Forms, FBA/BIP Forms, FBA/BIP Guide, LRBI Handouts, Podcasts and KU - Special Connections

Common Forms
Common ESE, MIS, Service Animal and Spanish Forms

Professional Development Resources
Acronym Guide, ESE Department Offerings, FDLRS, FDLRS PDA Online Modules, FIN, Glossary, Project 10, Safety & Supervision Podcasts, SEDNET, Team Teach

Program Boundaries
Updated 7/24/13

Staff Resources & Program Manuals
AT/CORE Team, Audiology, CBI, Change of Placement / Continuum of Services, EOC Waiver, Feeding & Swallowing, Gifted, H/HB, Occupational & Physical Therapy, Pre-K ESE, Restraint & Seclusion, Service Animals, Speech/Language Therapy and Visually Impaired

Program Overviews
Program Descriptions and Exceptionality Codes

Job Preparation Program and Transition Resources