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(Helpful SSPS Lists/Documents/Charts)
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[http://www.pasco.k12.fl.us/library/ssps/lists/1516_ese_program_boundaries.pdf ESE Program Boundaries for 2015-16 (last year)]
[http://www.pasco.k12.fl.us/library/ssps/lists/1516_ese_program_boundaries.pdf ESE Program Boundaries for 2015-16 (last year)]
[http://www.pasco.k12.fl.us/library/ssps/lists/1516_gifted_boundaries.pdf 2015-16 Gifted Boundaries]
[http://www.pasco.k12.fl.us/library/ssps/lists/gifted_boundaries.pdf 2016-17 Gifted Boundaries]

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Helpful SSPS Lists/Documents/Charts

2016-17 ESE Program Boundaries - - - Updated

Compliance Division Organizational Chart

Compliance Resource Teacher Assignments

DHH and Audiology Staff Assignments

OT/PT Staff Assignments

Student Services Staff Assignments

SSPS Department Contacts

Vision Staff Assignments

ESE Program Boundaries for 2015-16 (last year)

2016-17 Gifted Boundaries


Access Points Instruction

Accommodations for ESE Students - - - New for 2015

Amendments for IEPs

Articulation Procedures (ESE)

Assessment Waiver Procedures

Assistive Technology Procedures

Assistive Technology/CORE Team Procedures

Attendance and School Engagement Resources

Audiology Services Resources

Autism Spectrum Disorders Eligibility


Behavior Resources

Behavior Specialist Resources


Change of Placement Procedures for ESE

Crisis Intervention Team Procedures

Commonly Used Forms

Community Based Instruction (CBI) Procedures

Compliance Staff Resources

Consent for Evaluation Procedures - - - New for 2016

Continuum of ESE Services

Counseling as a Related Service


Data Entry Elements for ESE

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Eligibility

Deaf/Hard of Hearing Resources

Deferment of Receipt of High School Diploma - - - New for 2015

Department of Juvenile Justice Programs - - - New for 2015

Developmental Delay Eligibility

Diagnostic Teaching Procedures - - - New for 2015

Discipline & SESIR Reporting

Discontinuation, Dismissal and Revocation for ESE Procedures

Dual Sensory Impaired Eligibility


Educationally Related Mental Health Counseling as a Related Service - - - New for 2015

Educationally Relevant Occupational and Physical Therapy Services Resources

Educational Plans for ESE Students (T/IEPs, IEPs, SPs and EPs)

Emotional Behavioral Disabilities Eligibility

ESE Eligibility Criteria

ESE File Maintenance

ESE Secretary Resources

End of Course Waiver Procedures for ESE Students

Eligibility and Placement Procedures for ESE

ESE Program Boundaries

ESOL Compliance Procedures

Evaluation and Referral Procedures for ESE

Extended School Year Procedures

Exemption from Statewide Assessment Procedures


Feeding and Swallowing Resources

Forms Available for Download

FSA/FCAT Waiver Procedures


Gifted Eligibility

Graduation Requirements for Students with Disabilities

Guidance Secretary Resources


Hearing Screening Procedures

Home Education for ESE Students - - - New for 2015

Hospital/Homebound (H/HB) Procedures - - - New for 2015


Independent Educational Evaluation Procedures - - - New for 2015

Intellectually Disabled Eligibility

Individualized Education Plans for ESE Students

Inclusion Resources - - - New for 2015


Job Preparation Program Procedures



LEA Designee/Representative


Matrix of Services Resources (ESE)

Maintenance of ESE Records

Manifestation Determination Procedures

Medicaid Resources



Occupational Therapy Eligibility (Related Service)

Occupational and Physical Therapy Services Resources

Off Campus Option Procedures - - - New for 2015

Off-Campus Instruction Procedures - - - New for 2015

Online Learning Course Requirement

Orthopedically Impaired Eligibility

Other Health Impaired Eligibility


Physical Therapy Eligibility (Related Service)

Physical and Occupational Services Resources

Placement and Eligibility Procedures for ESE

Pre-K ESE Resources

Private Instructional Personnel Procedures

Private School Services Procedures

Program Boundaries for ESE

Procedural Safeguards



Reevaluation Procedures for ESE

Reevaluation Requests for Post-Secondary

Referral and Evaluation Procedures for ESE

Regular Standards Self-Contained ESE Programs Resources

Restraint and Secured Seclusion Procedures


Safety and Supervision Resources

Section 504 Manual

Senate Bill 1108 Resources

Service Animal Procedures - - - New for 2015

Service Plans for ESE Students

School Counselor Resources

School Engagement and Attendance Resources

School Health Resources

Specialized Transportation

Specific Learning Disability Eligibility

Speech/Language Therapy Resources

Speech and Language Impaired Eligibility

Surrogate Parents Procedures


Team Teach Information

Traumatic Brain Injury Eligibility

Transfer Placement Procedures for ESE

Transition Resources

Transportation (Specialized)



Virtual School Procedures for Students with Disabilities

Visually Impaired Eligibility

Visually Impaired Resources



Numerical Pages

Section 504 Manual

Senate Bill 1108