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General Information

The District School Board of Pasco County (DSBPC) is dedicated to ensuring a safe eating environment for all students. Due to developmental delays or neurological disorders, some students may have difficulty consuming food or drinks.

The DSBPC has a Feeding and Swallowing Team (Dysphagia Team) to assist schools when concerns are noted in a student's ability to consume food or drink. The information below will assist staff members in recognizing the signs of aspiration (choking), understand safe eating strategies for students, and how to access additional support from the Feeding and Swallowing Team (Dysphagia Team).


Feeding and Swallowing Podcast
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Form A - Swallowing and Feeding Team Procedure Checklist

Form B - Feeding/Swallowing Team Referral Form

Form C - Parent/Guardian Input - Swallowing and Feeding

Form D - Parent/Guardian Notification of Support Services

Form E - Interdisciplinary Consultation Swallowing and Feeding Observation/Evaluation

Form F - Swallowing and Feeding Plan

Form G - Pre VFSS Information Form