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  • Individual Educational Plan (IEP)
  • Educational Plans (EP)
  • Service Pleans (SP)

Individual Educational Plan (IEP)

The IEP is a written document designed to meet the individual needs of students with disabilities. Parents and staff are partners in the development of the IEP. The written document may be reviewed and amended as the needs of the student changes. An IEP meeting must be held at least annually to review and rewrite. The document is current for a calendar year.

Educational Plan (EP)

The EP is a written document designed to meet the individual needs of students determined eligible for gifted services. Parent (or provided written input), a teacher of gifted, a basic education teacher(or provided written input), and the student, when applicable, are partners to develop the EP. The written document may be reviewed and/or revised at any time. The EP must be updated at least every 3 years unless the student will be graduating at the end of the current school year. EPs should be reviewed and updated when the student transitions from 2nd to 3rd grade, 5th to 6th grade, and 8th to 9th grade. EPs may be written to cover the four (4) year period a gifted student is expected to attend high school.

The EP must contain:

  • Present Level of Performance (PLS)
  • Two or more measurable goals that are related to the priority needs identified in the PLS
  • Description of service, frequency, and location
  • Description of how student progress toward goal mastery will be reported and frequency of reporting

Service Plan (SP)

Part B of the Individual with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA 2004) requires that school districts locate, identify and evaluate at public expense students who are parentally placed at private schools and who are suspected of having disabilities and needing special education and related services. This part of the general school district responsibility is known as Child Find.

The requirement to make available a free appropriate public education (FAPE) does not extend to private school settings when children with disabilities are parentally placed in those settings.

There is no individual entitlement of parentally placed private school students to receive special education services. However, some students may receive services under a Service Plan.

Please note that these services are only available to parentally-placed students with disabilities (ESE) who attend nonprofit private schools within Pasco County.

A Service Plan is a written statement that describes the special education and related services that a school district will provide to a parentally-placed student with a disability enrolled in a private school. An IEP cannot be used as a Service Plan as it contains additional information that might imply that the student is entitled to FAPE services. The Service Plan contains only information relevant to special education and related services to be provided to the student.

Service Plans should only be written after a request for ESE services has been submitted to and approved by the Office for Student Supports and Program Services at the District Office.

After such a request is approved, the contract therapist will write the Service Plan and hold the meeting at the non-profit private school site. The only exception is if a school-based SLP is serving a student for Clinic Speech Services (e.g., Home Ed request).

A Service Plan must parallel the IEP content requirements and must be developed and amended consistent with the requirements for the IEP. The plan needs to include information related to those specific services that the school district has determined the student will receive.

The school district ensures that a representative of the private school attends each meeting for development of a Service Plan. If the private school representative cannot attend, then other methods, such as individual conference, telephone class should be used.