SSPS:Dual Sensory Impaired Eligibility

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  • A student who has dual-sensory impairments affecting both vision and hearing, the combination of which causes a serious impairment in the abilities to acquire information, communicate, or function within the environment.
  • A student who has a degenerative condition which will lead to such an impairment.

Ages served: Birth-22

  • Children under age three (3) with a dual sensory impairment may receive D/HH services in the home under an Individual Family Support Plan (IFSP); the child does not need to be eligible for Hospital/Homebound (H/HB). All other services are to be coordinated and provided by Early Steps.
  • Children under age three (3) are required to be transitioned by their third birthday and must meet eligibility in order to continue to receive services. During transition, a formal reevaluation must be conducted to determine appropriate service delivery options, including the possibility of a school-based placement.
  • Students must be five (5) years old on or before September 1 to be eligible for kindergarten and may continue their education through the year they turn eighteen (18). Students over the age of 18 who have not met TIEP objectives and/or met requirements for graduation with a standard diploma will be individually considered for continued services at the annual TIEP conference based on their ability to successfully achieve program goals.