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General Information

Previously, schools occasionally used the Diagnostic Teaching process as an optional component for students with disabilities to determine whether or not a different setting would be better able to provide the supports a student needed. Federal law defines a Change of Placement as any removal from a student’s current educational environment for more than 10 days. Pasco County is now using Change of Placement procedures in lieu of Diagnostic Teaching.

ESE Students

For any student with an Individual Education Plan (IEP), teams should follow the district’s Change of Placement procedures. An IEP team has the option to collect data and reconvene after a set amount of time to review the data and discuss the appropriateness of the new setting. If the data indicates the new setting is not appropriate, teams should follow the Change of Placement procedures when considering any other potential options.

Non-ESE Students with Open Evaluations

We are continuing our previous procedures in regards to students with open evaluations. If a student is not already eligible for ESE services, an IEP team cannot consider placement in a self-contained classroom prior to an eligibility determination. If a team wishes to consider other placement options for a student, the team must complete the initial evaluation and determine whether or not the child

meets eligibility criteria and have a signed consent from parents prior to providing ESE services in any general education or self-contained setting.

Teams should continue to exhaust interventions in accordance with the district’s Multi-Tiered Systems of Support model. ESE teachers, general education teachers, student services professionals, and/or additional personnel should be part of the problem solving process for each child.

If a student is going through the evaluation process and has behavioral issues which result in multiple suspensions, it is important that the student is afforded the Procedural Safeguards for Students with Disabilities. As such, a Manifestation Determination Meeting should be scheduled prior to the 11th day of suspension.