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Juvenile Justice programs are housed in the following locations within Pasco County:

  • Harry Schwettman Education Center (HSEC)
  • James Irvin Education Center (JIEC)
  • PACE Center for Girls
  • Central Pasco Girls Academy (CPGA)
  • Baycare
  • AMI
  • Juvenile Detention Center (JDC)

Student Records

Student records for the DJJ programs are located in the following facilities:

  • Harry Schwettman Education Center (HSEC) – at HSEC
  • James Irvin Education Center (JIEC) – at JIEC
  • PACE Center for Girls - at Marchman Technical College
  • Central Pasco Girls Academy (CPGA) - at Marchman Technical College
  • Baycare - at Marchman Technical College
  • AMI - at Marchman Technical College (at risk students)
  • Juvenile Detention Center (JDC) – at the student’s most recent home school (in or out of County)

IEP Procedures

Upon registration at a DJJ facility the ESE teacher is responsible for verifying if the student is in an ESE program (using PlanMaker or TERMS). If needed, verify history of psychological report and obtain current IQ through OptiView.

The IEP must be reviewed, revised, developed within 10 days of entering a DJJ program.

Students with a Valid IEP

1. Pasco: Continue services according to the IEP

2. Out of County:

a. Complete Informed Notice of Continued Eligibility (MIS #707)
b. Complete Transfer Compliance Checklist
c. Submit to CRT for review
d. Provide appropriate services

Students with an Expired Pasco IEP

1. Contact administrator of most recent school of attendance to request IEP be completed within 10 days

2. If needed, school administrator can contact previous school administrator

3. If further assistance is needed, Contact Compliance Specialist or Supervisor of Compliance

Students with an Expired Out-of-County IEP

1. Contact most recent school for copy of most recent IEP

2. If IEP is found to be expired, complete new IEP and Matrix, if appropriate, or contact Compliance Specialist for assistance

If an IEP is written or revised at the JDC Facility

1. Two attempts to parent contact/input must occur

a. If parent responds – request waiving 10 days notice and ask for input using Parent Input Form
b. If parent does not respond after two attempts, after 10 days hold IEP meeting and document lack of parent response in the present level statement

2. Other required participants

a. ESE teacher will act as LEA and ESE teacher
b. Basic teacher must complete Basic Ed. Teacher Input Form and sign
c. Student must complete Student Input Form and sign

3. Complete Matrix, if needed

4. Complete Data Entry Revision Form (MIS# 729)

5. Teacher will give original IEP, including invitation, input forms, and other documentation to Compliance Resource Teacher (CRT).

6. CRT will give to Compliance Specialist, who will:

a. Review and sign as administrator
b. Make a copy for JDC
c. Ensure original is brought to home school and placed in red folder

ESE Services

ESE services should remain similar to what had been provided on the IEP. Teachers at DJJ facilities are able to provide ESE service through dual certification. In cases where a service is needed, such as speech or language, that is not typically at the facility, contact the district supervisor.


1. Contact case manager at previous school to see if it has been completed, if yes, complete and submit Data Entry Revision Form found in PlanMaker.

2. Follow steps 1 & 2 of IEP process and hold reevaluation meeting using Recommendations Regarding Reevaluation (MIS# 809)

3. If it is determined that no additional data is needed, new reevaluation date is 3 years from the date of the meeting.

4. Complete and submit Data Entry Revision Form (MIS# 729) found in PlanMaker.

5. If student is not in attendance long enough to complete, alert receiving school that the reevaluation is expired.

Quarterly Progress Reports

Complete and print based on district schedule.