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These forms are available as a PDF download. Therefore they are not typable. Many of these forms are also available through PlanMaker and include the capability of typing on the form. If you have suggestions for additional documents, please email with your suggestions.

PDF Forms for Teachers

  • MIS #743 - Gifted Characteristics Checklist: Renzulli-Hartman
  • MIS #768 - ESE Special Needs Transportation Request
  • MIS #818 - Physical Examination (OHI, OI, TBI)

Coming Soon

  • 2014 Student Articulation Form
  • OT Screener
  • PT Screener
  • Harbor Release
  • Matrix Checklist for feedback Sample
  • Medical Cover Letter for 818
  • T/IEP Amendment Form T/IEP Amendment Checklist
  • Revocation Form Revocation Procedures
  • Procedural Safeguards – Private Schools (Refer to DOE site)
  • Procedural Safeguards – Gifted (Refer to DOE site)
  • Procedural Safeguards (Refer to DOE site) Vietnamese PS
  • Spanish Language T/IEP

MIS Forms for SCT Use

  • MIS 404 Referral for Student Services
  • Medical Cover Letter (Transfers) Spanish Version
  • MIS 753 Checklist for Gifted
  • MIS 755 Notice and Consent for ESE MIS 755 sp
  • MIS 757 Informed Notice of Dismissal, Add/Change Eligibility, Ineligibility MIS 757 sp
  • MIS 777 Checklist for OT/PT
  • MIS 795 ESE Staffing Form MIS 795 sp
  • MIS 796 ESE Staffing Agenda
  • MIS 821 Informed Notice of Denial MIS 821 sp
  • MIS 824 Informed Notice — Evaluation(s) NOT Required
  • MIS 826 Checklist for D/HH, H/HB, OHI, OI, TBI, VI
  • MIS 827 Checklist for ASD, DD, InD, EBD, SLD, Sp/L

SSPS Supervisor Forms

The following form are not intended for staff use. These require prior approval from administrative staff from the Office for Student Support Programs and Services.

  • (MIS #722) - Reimbursement Form For After Hours IEP/TIEP Conference
  • (MIS #723) - Reimbursement Form For After Hours IEP/TIEP Development
  • (MIS #522) - Trainer Pay for Instructional/SRP Training
  • (MIS #303) - Human Resources Action Form (for transferring staff)
  • (MIS #308) - Employee Check Out Information (for transferring staff)