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Defining Instruction in the Florida Standards Access Points

Students with disabilities may follow the Florida Standards or the Florida Standards Access Points. The vast majority of students with disabilities should be participating in the Florida Standards course work.

The Florida Standards Access Points is a modified curriculum. The access points align with the Florida Standards and represent skills at a lower level of complexity. Only students who have a significant cognitive disability, as determined by the TIEP team, are eligible to participate in access points course work and the Florida Alternate Assessment.

A significant cognitive disability is individually defined for each applicable student and should consider the student’s cognitive functioning (IQ), adaptive behaviors, communication skills, and academic skills in addition to any relevant medical or mental health needs. Low academic performance should not be the defining factor to determine a student has a significant cognitive disability. For guidance on the definition of significant cognitive disability see FLDOE Guidance Document.

Documenting Instruction in the Florida Standards Access Points on the T/IEP

In order for a student to pursue access points course work, the TIEP team must complete the Revised Alternate Assessment Participating Checklist and obtain informed consent on the Florida Department of Education Parental Consent Form/Prior Written Notice Instruction in the State Standards Access Points Curriculum and Florida Alternate Assessment Administration from the parent/guardian in accordance with SB 1108.

The student’s needs for instruction in the access points should be documented on several locations on the T/IEP.

Present Level Statement

The present level statement should provide information related to the student’s curriculum needs.

Standards Being Pursued

The standards being pursued should be selected as Florida Standards Access Points.


The goals should be aligned to Florida Standards Access Points and should have benchmark/short-term objectives for students participating in Alternate Assessment or when the T/IEP team determines they are needed.


The services must reflect Exceptional Student Education Services of “instruction in modified curriculum” in the curriculum areas.


Students participating in the Florida Standards Access Points must participate in district and statewide assessments at the same grade levels as students following the Florida Standards. These students are administered alternate assessments aligned to the modified standards. These assessments must indicated on the T/IEP.