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For general information about assistive technology laws and guidelines including personally owned equipment, integration of assistive technology into the T/IEP, assistive technology and the Matrix of Services, and much more visit the Assistive Technology wiki.

Assistive Technology/CORE Team Information

The AT/CORE Team consists of a multidisciplinary team of professionals who provide consultation and assistance for school staff serving students with low prevalence disabilities, students with significant behavioral difficulties, and for students that currently use or are being considered for assistive technology support/services. AT/CORE team also encompasses the district’s Local Assistive Technology Specialists (LATS). The LATS component of the AT/CORE team is in collaboration with the MTSS – Technology and Learning Connections. (website for link The AT/CORE team provides services for: • Assistive Technology Evaluations • Student Access Concerns • Behavioral Strategies • Classroom Management Strategies • Classroom Environment/Support Strategies • Curriculum Strategies • Communication Strategies • Functional Behavior Assessments • Instructional Strategies • Lending Library (Resources) • Peer Facilitation • Sensory Strategies • Social Skills Strategies • Teaming Strategies • Work Production Issues

Assistive Technology Service

If after consideration of low-tech interventions, the T/IEP team determines that the complexity of the student's needs warrant an Assistive Technology Service (Link to the Defining Assistive Technology Service on the AT page)by the district LATS, a referral is initiated. Once the referral is received, a member of the Assistive Technology/CORE Team will conduct an observation to determine the service required. Types of services include, but are not limited to: consultation, training, coaching/modeling, and multidisciplinary team evaluation report (Link to the Assistive Technology Evaluations on the AT page). Following the observation, the student's case manager will receive notice of the service that will be provided, as well as next steps. If a student has had an assistive technology service in the past (in Pasco County or elsewhere), and additional information is needed, an Assistive Technology Service Follow-Up may be requested. The follow-up may be necessary as a student’s needs or abilities change and/or new equipment or techniques are being considered.

Equipment and Resource Information

The AT/CORE Team can provide information regarding equipment and available resources. Ordering information, catalogs, and suggestions for equipment or techniques is available. Additionally, consultation with school-based teams regarding appropriate technology based on both school and/or student needs are available.

Equipment Loan

The AT/CORE Team has a variety of materials and resources to lend school-based staff. The purpose of the loan is to provide schools with the opportunity to determine the appropriateness and effectiveness of specific equipment and programs. Available equipment includes: communication devices, computer adaptations, adaptations for accessing the environment, books on a variety of topics, and adapted toys. To obtain equipment for school or individual student use, contact the AT/CORE Team at Charles S. Rushe Middle School (813) 346-1354. Several pieces of equipment may be loaned to determine which is most appropriate for your school or student's needs.

Trainings Available

Training in specific techniques or equipment is available for school staff, students and/or parents who would like additional support or assistance. Training can be scheduled for individual teachers or teams. Training can be adapted to be completed during planning times or in a “Lunch and Learn” format. Commonly requested topics: • AIM • ASD • Behavior • Classroom organization • Communication • Curriculum Supports/Adaptations • Developing and Implementing Communication Supports • Handwriting • Problem Solving Communication Concerns • Thinking about Social Learning • UDL • Visual Supports • Written Production Alternatives

Referral Information

Below you may download the individual forms you will need to complete to submit a referral to the AT/CORE Team. All forms should be sent to the attention of Melissa Young at CSRMS. Link forms here

Contact Information

• Jackie Choo - District Supervisor, OSSPS (813) 794-2602 • Courtney Foulk-Webster - District Behavior Specialist (813) 346-1354 • Nina Gregory - Parent Services/AT Resource Teacher - FDLRS (813) 794-2618 • Tracey Housel - Speech/Language Pathologist (813) 346-1354 • Patsy Little - Teacher of Physically Impaired (813) 794-4849 • Linda Johnston - District Resource Teacher (813) 794-2576 • Lee Roberts - Physical Therapist (813) 794-1500 • Gina Stamper - District Behavior Specialist (813) 346-1354 • Kim Taylor - District Resource Teacher (813) 346-1354 • Melissa Young - Speech/Language Pathologist (813) 346-1354

Helpful Websites

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