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ATS Grant Forms

ATS Memo

2016-17 ATS Grant Application

2016-17 ATS Budget Spreadsheet

Processing myStudent SESIR Referrals

As mentioned under separate cover, all referrals processed electronically (STAR or myStudent) must be printed for student/parent distribution. (Reference Action Required: MIS #413, SESIR Reporting and Discipline Reminders memo.)

Due to limitations when printing a SESIR related referral in myStudent, administrators processing such a referral will have to handwrite all SESIR related information and data elements after printing the form. It is imperative that all such information be provided to parents. It is also important that SESIR information is correctly logged onto the printed copy for expulsion and Disciplinary Alternative Placement (DAP) hearing documentation should a school choose to pursue such a hearing.

Questions/concerns specific to myStudent can be referred to:

2016-17 Memos

001 - MIS 413, SESIR Reporting, Parent Appeal Rights and Other Discipline Reminders

002 - Expulsion and DAP Recommendations

005 - ATS Memo

504 Discipline

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Behavior Resources

Behavior Resources Wiki

Suspension Alternatives

Code of Conduct & Discipline Matrix

Download copies here

SCOC & Discipline Web Page

Disciplinary Alternative Placement & Expulsion Resources

2016-17 Expulsion - DAP Recommendation Form

  • We will be using the above form for all expulsion, bus expulsion and DAP recommendations for the 2016-17 school year.
  • The District will no longer utilize the old expulsion letter format.
  • Be sure to provide a copy of the packet to the parent as their notice prior to submitting the packet to the District Office along with the appropriate parent rights handouts.
  • Remember to submit all required supporting documentation when submitting the packet to the District Office.

Discipline Matrix

2016-17 Discipline Matrix

Discipline Referral Resources (MIS 413)

2016-17 MIS 413 Memo

2016-17 changes

2I - Changed to Distribution of objects, literature or materials that are inappropriate for an educational setting (Obscene gestures/language removed)

2S - Changed to Having or using matches, lighters, fireworks, smoke stink bombs, laser pens, over-the-counter drugs or other unauthorized items (Added over-the-counter drugs)

2U - Changed to Profane, obscene or provocative language or gestures (Added obscene and or gestures)

2W - Created new code for improper use of technology

3M - Changed to Bomb threats, false fire alarms, hoaxes or threatening use of a firearm (Added threatening use of firearm)

MIS Form #413: Student Discipline Referral and Coding Form

MIS Form #413: Student Discipline Referral and Coding Form - Spanish

ESE MDM Resources

MDM Canvas Course

MDM Forms

MDM Wiki

Exclusionary Discipline Research

Suspension Alternatives

A Generation Later: What We've Learned About Zero Tolerance in Schools

Alternatives to Suspension Fact Sheet: Outcomes of Out of School Suspension

Don't Call Them Dropouts Documentary

Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports Canvas Course

Research on School Suspension

Suspensions Linked to Lower Graduation Rates in Florida Study

The Impact of School Suspensions

Florida State Statutes

School Discipline Law & Regulation Summary

Florida State Rules

Florida State Statutes

F.S. Statute 1006.07 Revision - Click here
In the 2014 legislative session, Florida’s legislature passed, and Governor Scott signed into law, Chapter 2014-219, Laws of Florida. This bill amends section 1006.07 related to the code of student conduct. This section states that students should not be disciplined or referred to law enforcement for simulating a firearm or weapon while playing, or wearing clothing or accessories which depict a firearm or weapon, or expressing an opinion regarding Second Amendment rights.

Parent Brochures & Information

2016-17 Parent Appeal Rights Memo

2016-17 District Level Discipline Appeal Rights and Responsibilities
(Give to parent with each expulsion or Disciplinary Alternative Placement recommendation)

2016-17 Out-of-School and In-School Suspension Guidelines
(Give to parent with each OSS and ISS)

Respect and Civility Policy (Parent Handout)

School Board Policy

Neola ~ The School Board of Pasco County Bylaws and Policies

School Environmental Safety Incident Reporting (SESIR)

There are no SESIR changes for the 2016-17 school year.

2016-17 SESIR Memos
SESIR Reporting

SESIR Definitions
FLDOE Web Page (definitions, examples and non-examples)

SESIR Poster
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SESIR Training

Online Training

Register for an account by clicking on the "Account" button. You will receive an e-mail confirming your registration; be sure to add to your "safe senders" list so the confirmation message does not get sent to your junk mail folder.

New users should begin with the Introduction in order to learn the basic rules of SESIR reporting.

TOOLS Program: Referral Procedures and Parent Information

Per the Student Code of Conduct, first alcohol/drug possession or alcohol/drug use discipline (excluding sales or distribution) will result in referral to the Tools program and 10 days OSS. Student OSS will be reduced to 5 days upon registration in the Tools program. If the student successfully completes program, the OSS remains at 5 days. If the student does not successfully complete the program, they will serve remaining 5 days of OSS.

Students with multiple alcohol/drug infractions, and students found to have been selling or distributing drugs or alcohol, are not eligible for the program. For questions or assistance, please contact Molly Blair (

Counseling/TOOLS Referral

TOOLS Referral Procedures

TOOLS Parent Information