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    <logevents lestart="2017-07-27T20:29:39Z" />
      <item logid="3830" ns="130" title="SSPS:ESE Data Entry Elements" pageid="0" type="delete" action="delete" user="Kelli" timestamp="2017-09-20T20:30:03Z" comment="content was: &quot;== Purpose ==  To provide the Florida Department of Education (FLDOE) the information required for funding special education services.  This required information is...&quot; (and the only contributor was &quot;[[Special:Contributions/Kboles|Kboles]]&quot;)" />
      <item logid="3829" ns="130" title="SSPS:Senate Bill 1108" pageid="0" type="delete" action="delete" user="Kelli" timestamp="2017-09-20T20:27:38Z" comment="content was: &quot;&lt;small&gt;&#039;&#039;***&#039;&#039;&#039;(Accessing the podcasts is best done using the Safari browser)&#039;&#039;&#039;***&#039;&#039;&lt;/small&gt; ===Technical Assistance=== * [; (and the only contributor was &quot;[[Special:Contributions/Kboles|Kboles]]&quot;)" />
      <item logid="3828" ns="130" title="SSPS:Continuum of Services" pageid="0" type="delete" action="delete" user="Kelli" timestamp="2017-09-05T13:50:54Z" comment="Author request: content was: &quot;  =Continuum of Services=&#9;&#9;&#9;&#9;&#9; IDEA requires that all children with disabilities be educated in the least restrictive environment (LRE) that is appropriate for them.  The LRE is not any specific placement; rather, it is th..." />
      <item logid="3827" ns="130" title="SSPS:Safety and Supervision Resources" pageid="0" type="delete" action="delete" user="Kelli" timestamp="2017-09-05T13:49:52Z" comment="Author request: content was: &quot;The safety of all students in Pasco County Schools is everyone’s priority. Students with disabilities may have increase requirements for supervision due to the na...&quot; (and the only contributor was &quot;[[Special:Contribution..." />
      <item logid="3826" ns="130" title="SSPS:Extended School Year" pageid="0" type="delete" action="delete" user="Kelli" timestamp="2017-09-05T13:48:57Z" comment="Author request: content was: &quot;=Definition of Exceptional Student Education - Extended school year (ESE-ESY)= Exceptional Student Education - Extended school year (ESE-ESY) services are individua...&quot; (and the only contributor was &quot;[[Special:Contribution..." />
      <item logid="3825" ns="130" title="SSPS:Service Animals" pageid="0" type="delete" action="delete" user="Kelli" timestamp="2017-09-05T13:43:26Z" comment="Author request: content was: &quot;Pasco County Schools procedure regarding service animals on school campuses complies with the &lt;i&gt;Americans with Disabilities (ADA) Title II Regulations, Individuals...&quot; (and the only contributor was &quot;[[Special:Contribution..." />
      <item logid="3824" ns="130" title="SSPS:ESOL" pageid="0" type="delete" action="delete" user="Kelli" timestamp="2017-08-09T20:21:31Z" comment="Author request: content was: &quot;=Home Language Survey (HLS) / DEUSS= The DEUSS (Date Entered a United States School) date is used for continuation of services. If a student&#039;s DEUSS date is October...&quot; (and the only contributor was &quot;[[Special:Contribution..." />
      <item logid="3823" ns="130" title="SSPS:Behavior Resources" pageid="0" type="delete" action="delete" user="Kelli" timestamp="2017-08-06T20:11:32Z" comment="Author request: content was: &quot;=General Information= The purpose of this wiki is to provide information and resources to support teams in the development and implementation of Functional Behavior...&quot; (and the only contributor was &quot;[[Special:Contribution..." />
      <item logid="3822" ns="130" title="SSPS:Virtual School for Students with Disabilities" pageid="0" type="delete" action="delete" user="Kelli" timestamp="2017-08-06T20:10:55Z" comment="Author request: content was: &quot;=Virtual Instruction for Students with Disabilities=   For general information, please visit the [ Pasco eSchool website].     ==Pasc...&quot; (and the only contributor was &quot;[[Special:Contribution..." />
      <item logid="3821" ns="130" title="SSPS:School Health" pageid="0" type="delete" action="delete" user="Kelli" timestamp="2017-07-27T20:45:57Z" comment="Author request: content was: &quot;School Health Services  =Introduction= School health services are available at all school sites in the district. Using clinical knowledge and judgment, registered p...&quot; (and the only contributor was &quot;[[Special:Contribution..." />