Hello Administrators,
Here is an update on staff recovery efforts starting tomorrow:

1)      Administrative employees should be working to support the supervision of shelter schools in relief of those administrators who have been working for the past 4 days. Any administrator who has not been working on disaster preparedness/shelter efforts since Friday should be reaching out to their assigned shelter school and offering support. If that support is not needed, administrative employees should be working to support the mission of their respective schools or departments.
2)      Custodial and Maintenance employees will be expected to return to work tomorrow. Custodial employees working at non-shelter schools should report to the shelter school listed below to support their clean-up efforts. These assignments are for tomorrow, and may change based on progress or future needs after Tuesday. Custodial and Maintenance employees should report for work at 7:00am unless specifically directed otherwise by maintenance/custodial services or school administration. Employees will work their normal number of daily hours unless otherwise specified. Custodial and Maintenance employees who have worked multiple shelter/disaster recovery shifts since Friday should be given the option to rest tomorrow if needed.
a.       JWMHS – supported by GHS, SSMS, and GMS
b.      RRMHS – supported by CES and CHMS
c.       FHS – supported by GHES, HHS, HMS, and MLES
d.      WRHS – supported by JLMS, WRES, and Simpson Environmental
e.       SLHS – supported by CSRMS, CRES, and AHS
f.        WCHS – supported by CCMHS, FHES, WGES, and Simpson Environmental
g.       CENMS – supported by CENES and WES
h.      PMS – supported by RBCES, PES, and PHS
i.         RBSMS – supported by ZHS and WZES
j.         TEWMS – supported by WCES and SAES
k.       SES – supported by BPMS and RHS
l.         COES – supported by SHES and CLMS
m.    DBES – supported by SPES and CWTES
n.      LLES – supported by AES and GTES
o.      NRES – supported by LMES and QHES
p.      OES – supported by DOES and PRSMS
q.      ODES – supported by SRES and DPES
r.        PVES – supported by PVMS and FHES
s.       SMES – supported by BES and NWES
t.        SOES – supported by LOLHS and MGES
u.      TES – supported by TOES and SSES
v.       VES – supported by CAES and MTEC
3)      Food Service employees will all be expected back to work on Friday, however some employees may be contacted for work earlier to assist in the cleaning and preparation of the kitchens at shelter schools.
4)      All Transportation Employees (other than Bus Drivers and Transportation Assistants) should return to work on Friday, unless contacted earlier for assistance. Bus Drivers and Transportation Assistants will be expected to return to work on Monday unless contacted earlier by a Transportation administrator.
5)      ALL other employees (School or District) should plan on returning to work on Friday unless otherwise directed by an administrator.

Shelter Managers are also asked to please scan and e-mail their time sheets for the past 4 days to Jim Class in Finance. His email address is jclass@pasco.k12.fl.us. The plan is for finance to process these sheets for both payroll and reimbursement purposes.

At this time PLACE will not re-open for service until Monday.

Please stay tuned, as more information will come as it is available. A school connects call summarizing this information will be set out, and an e-mail to employees will soon follow.

Thank you,

Kevin Shibley, Esq.
Assistant Superintendent for Administration
District School Board of Pasco County