The safety and welfare of the students is of utmost importance.  In today's society, it has become necessary to use a range of conduct management efforts to control student behavior.  These efforts include the use of reasonable force.  Florida Statutes 1006.11 and 1012.75 allow such force to be used by school personnel in maintaining a safe and secure learning environment.  While use of reasonable physical force may be needed, that force may not be excessive, cruel or unusual in nature, and alternatives to the use of such force should be attempted, time permitting.  Any use of reasonable physical force must cease upon the restoration of a safe and orderly environment.

Use of reasonable force is permitted to protect students from:

  •     Conditions harmful to learning
  •     Conditions harmful to students' mental health
  •     Conditions harmful to students' physical health
  •     Conditions harmful to safety

Harmful and/or injury to self, school personnel and others