The following procedures should be observed when issuing an MIS #413 Office Discipline Referral:

  • Parents must be notified in writing (MIS #413) of any assigned ISS or OSS within 24 hours (written or printed copy is sufficient)
  • Parents must receive a copy of all issued paper or electronic MIS #413 forms
  • Student and parent signatures should be obtained if possible
    • If signatures are not obtained, admin should write in “unavailable to sign” or “refused to sign” with the corresponding date
  • Level III Behavioral Codes should only be used if they match the corresponding SESIR codes (Level III codes without corresponding SESIR codes are exempt)
    • SESIR codes refer to the School Environmental Safety Incident Reporting system
  • Only one behavior code should be issued per referral, this should be the behavior code that corresponds with the most severe infraction if the incident involved multiple behaviors.
  • The following paper copies should be printed and maintained if using an electronic MIS #413 referral:
    • Student/parent notification.
    • Student record - a paper copy of the referral with the student and parent signature (as applicable) should be maintained for documentation purposes.
    • Teacher/bus driver notification - per the Instructional Master Contract: "A copy of the discipline form with principal's action noted shall be returned to the teacher as soon as possible, but not more than five (5) days from the date of the referral.” 
  • All other policy and procedure listed elsewhere in the Student Code of Conduct, School Board Policy (NEOLA) or district memorandum must also be adhered to.


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