Defined as a major disruption of all or a significant portion of campus activities, school‐sponsored events, and school bus transportation, as well as disruptive behavior that poses a serious threat to the learning environment, health, safety, or welfare of others.


  • Closure of all or part of the school
  • Student or other making bomb threat
  • Student engaging in disruptive behavior that causes the bus driver to stop the bus to ensure the safety of the group
  • Student or other causing an incident that results in closing the cafeteria
  • Student or other inciting a riot
  • Student or other pulling a fire alarm
  • Student or other deliberately crashing the school computer system
  • Student or other causing an incident that prevents other students from proceeding to the next class or prevents egress


  • Disruption of a single classroom
  • Student defying authority
  • Student talking loudly on a moving bus

(FLDOE SESIR guidelines)