The Department of Juvenile Justice will report to the school district all court orders in which a Pasco County student is mandated by the Department of Juvenile Justice to have “no contact” with his or her victim or victim’s family members.

Upon notification by the DJJ Transition Coordinator, the principal or designee of the school where the offender attends will determine if measures can be taken within the existing school of attendance to ensure that the “no contact” order can be followed.  If the principal or designee feels the order cannot be accommodated at the school, consultation with the Division of Student Services will determine how the “no contact” order will be enforced. 

A “no contact” order may be issued by a circuit judge at or before the time of adjudication, withholding of adjudication, or plea of guilty or nolo contendere for the following offenses:  homicide, assault, battery, culpable negligence, kidnapping, false imprisonment, luring or enticing a child, custody offenses, sexual battery, lewdness and indecent exposure, abuse of children, robbery, robbery by sudden snatching, car jacking, or home-invasion/robbery.
(F.S. 1006.13)