Principals and their designees may assign ISS to a student for violating the Student Code of Conduct as indicated on the Discipline Matrix. 

A student may be assigned no more than ten (10) days per offense.

  • Parents must be notified in writing (Student Event and Discipline Report - MIS #413) of any ISS assignment within twenty-four (24) hours.
  • Assigned ISS can only be appealed at the school level.
  • If a student or parent/guardian believes a proposed disciplinary action is unfair or that the allegations are unfounded, the student or parent may request a formal appeal.  The formal appeal may be initiated verbally or in writing and presented to the principal within three (3) days of the discipline decision. Verbal requests for appeals must be followed up in writing. 
  • The written appeal should:
    • Briefly state the facts involved
    • State a proposed solution to the problem
    • Be copied to the school staff member(s) involved
  • The principal or designee’s decision regarding the appeal shall be final.

The person hearing the case cannot have been a witness to, have assigned the original consequence or have been otherwise involved in the incident that resulted in the proposed discipline.

Students will be isolated from the mainstream of the school while in ISS and will be ineligible to participate in extracurricular activities on the day the student serves ISS.

Students who are placed in Detention/ISS will be entitled to complete make-up work (classwork, homework, assessments, etc.) while in Detention/ISS program for full credit. Any such absence shall be marked as excused.